Where Are We Going & What is Happening to Earth/Gaia?

"Anger, fear, projection, judgement, all that, it doesn't exist on New Earth and you won't be able to vibrate onto New Earth if you have those emotions. You have a lot of inner work to do." -The Peculiar Daughter, via YouTube

DOLORES CANNON (author, hypnotist, past life regressionist)

Dolores Cannon practiced hypnosis for over forty years. As a pioneer she started off with induction to combat habits and addictions, then said she "stumbled into" reincarnation. At the time, there was no New Age.

In an early case, she led the regression into five past lives. Each session was like the next chapter to a story. This opened people and changed them.

Unfortunately, her husband got into a bad accident, which led to a session being made for the future. She saw them in the living situation they'd be in forty years later. This gave Dolores hope and a knowing that her husband's healing would go well. It turns out, the knowing altered their beliefs and doctors called him "the miracle man."

In an earlier session, the sitter regressed to when she was first created by God. The God she described was full of love.

They were able to go through time, which was the kind of therapy Dolores became interested in. She is self-trained and found contact with what she called "the source of all knowledge." This experimentation in understanding the reasons why we do the things we do, became her technique, working on the deepest level of trance.

"They had a lot to do with all of this [people finding me in the mountains]. Nothing is ever a coincidence." -D.C.

On this level she accessed information beyond the conscious mind, the subconscious. This layer, described, is beyond the rhetoric of current psychology. Going there is akin to passing through a time-tunnel.

To feed her curiosity, Dolores looked into history books. Doing this certainly confirmed the "lost" knowledge she retrieved during the sessions.

[Atlantis as imagined by Athanasius Kircher in 1664]

The subconscious began streaming through at first, then turned into a regular, ongoing interaction. This consciousness could also be called the "Oversoul", the "Higher Self", or the "higher consciousness", she said.

"It is so big, that it cares for each and every person. [...] This is where the healings come from." -D.C.

Repeat communications imply a few things about us: there is a limit to what we can know, the same energy flows through us, everybody has a problem and there are complexities to all of this. Good news is several doctors are going into natural and alternative methods of healing. To Dolores, natural healing is where we're going.


Diana Cooper has written 24 books and produced a large number of CDs as well as oracle card decks, online classes and videos. She has been publicized in 27 different territories and teaches with an international school. Her subject matter covers angels, unicorns, ascension and Atlantis. She was originally trained as a hypnotist, but has seen angels around people since her earliest clients.Her points on mastery, ascension and higher living have been developed as a spiritual teacher on this planet as well as a channel for her guide.

"At one time it was not possible to raise your frequency and stay in your physical body but now it is. Most people who now ascend choose to stay on Earth and serve humankind."

Being highly spiritual, Diana teamed up with her friend Sharon, who was highly clairvoyant. Together, they brought in a higher spirit guide called Kumeka. Throughout her books Diana references this being as well as many masters and lessons she learned from helping clients. Kumeka constantly reminds her that simplicity is key in ascension.

Ascension, she explains, is feeling joy, oneness, and unconditional love (a fifth-dimensional quality). It is the decision to relax, enjoy our journey and let more light in. This process is quickened when we are ready to release blockages in our auric fields, really looking at them, which is also called "second sight".

"In order to ascend, we must master self, in other words, our thoughts and emotions. [...] A master must do much more. He or she must also be able to master matter. By raising your vibration to the frequency of the Divine, you can control the formation of matter. You can do it not only on this planet but in other galaxies and universes and become a Master Creator."

These are the prerequisites for creating Heaven on Earth as we serve the planet unconditionally, while being less concerned about personal desires and needs. We will desire to serve All-That-Is. Our thoughts and words become creative which is very empowering. The integration of this, however, can take some time (integration being a teaching of the Pleiadians as channeled through Lyssa Royal-Holt.)

It is reassuring to know that communication with spiritual entities is commonplace during this raising of our vibrations. The beings wait until we're ready and have enough light, but they also show greater interest/contact when we conglomerate with other lightworkers. Moreover, certain psychic shamans, they will see the being as if it were a real person sitting next to them!

I have found in my research that the only problem with "negative entities" is they are in the fourth dimension and only really come through when humans interact with them, so there is nothing to fear but fear itself which is ultimately false evidence appearing real. In this dimension there are also loved ones and faeries, so it is not all entirely "bad."

We are sovereign and should not worry because so many beings want to incarnate here on the planet Earth. There is an exceptional opportunity for growth as we can now develop qualities we didn't develop in past lives, Diana says.

"As we become more open to spiritual matters and especially to unconditional love, we change into fourth gear, or the fourth dimension. This means driving through life in a more relaxed and trusting way, honouring all other drivers on their way and following our intuition. We know that each person's journey is a unique and special mission for them."

Going more into detail, the mastery spoken of here is the recognition that we are Spirit and can create our own destinies. We are co-creative and taking responsibility for our creations moves us into what Diana calls "fifth gear", or, the fifth dimension. Our path becomes more smooth and we can help others along the way, letting go of lower will and staying dedicated to a higher purpose. In this reality, will, thought and emotions manifest which is why it is important to clear yourself inside out. Being serene, calm, peaceful is the best spiritual "protection", she explains, asking us if we are taking time for this to enjoy the beauty in the world. Are we truly happy to be here on Earth? Enjoying the flow is essential!

"[...] the new Golden Age is beginning to dawn and before long the facades of the old ways will crumble. As the energy of co-operation comes in people will no longer feel content to compete or do someone down. Life will become a team effort. Everyone will help to bring out the best in each other so that everyone gains."


Alba's 100+ sessions have been posted on YouTube. The clients receive knowledge through their connection with their Higher Self energy and deliver messages on Ascension. Regressing them (a.k.a. helping them access past lives through hypnosis) helps with decision-making during this life of "ascension" and gives access to higher or parallel dimensions.

"Be in the heart, in order to Ascend" is a common message. However, messages also include possible soul lessons during ascension, like connecting and communication.

Most sessions include communications with beings in other dimensions or who are here that we normally cannot see. For example, in one person's forgiveness session, a client experiences a fairy lifetime where she helped Gaia remind humans about their connection with nature.

When we rise, apparently beings on our "home planets" ascend, too.

"From now, to 2024, some will jump spiritually, some will leave their body, some will make a leap, spiritually, eventually. Some have already done so. [...] Again we are playing. It is a great, great board-game. [...] Everyone can ascend, as they choose. This is not a physical ascension, but if that's what you believe- there you are! It's your choice. But Ascension, in the larger perspective, is each one Ascending in their own time, in their own way. Here's a good example. [...] You know, you go in, you plant the garden. Till up the soil first. You prepare it. Go in and decide what you want to plant. And everything ripens and is harvested at different times. All these different fruits and vegetables, the trees, would represent the different people. And some seeds were planted at different times than others. There's gonna be a harvest, at different times, for different people. For example, they have a row of blackberries. And they're all the same variety of blackberries. They come in at different times. And you're not gonna go in and harvest one that's red. You're gonna wait until it gets to the peak of the blackberry. She knows the best time to pick it. It's ripe when those little nodules are plump, but not when the bugs have gotten on them, eating away at them. There could even be a bug on there, but it hasn't started eating away at it. That's the time to harvest it! There might be one right beside of it. It is not ready! It has not come into it's own. She wouldn't dream of picking or eating that blackberry! So, the Ascension is like a harvest. So in it's time, when it's ready, it'll happen. And so we, and you, and all of us, can focus our attention on becoming the best, ripest blackberry we can be! And when it's time for us to be harvested, picked at perfection [...] that's when it happens. That's Ascension and that's the event for you. " -Hypnotee

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[image from the movie based off the book: The Giver]


"I was given to understand that I had come in my first incarnation here through a stargate portal, a multidimensional consciousness, along with a number of other beings, carrying information from higher densities, information we would implement on this planet in an attempt to raise the frequency of the human race." [p.85]

I met Alexa at Contact in the Desert (2018), where I feel there was confirmation that she is telempathic. Also, while reading her book The Zero Point, I saw an image of a white-yellow bright planet surrounded by bright clouds, right before reading the page in her book that described this. The psychic image came out of nowhere so it was correct. It was also filled with joy and good vibration. This image of a white sky, clouds and a planet bursting with photons felt like her home. When I thought of Alexa, I heard "hybrid" through a clairaudient channel in my third ear and she mentions this intercrossing in the book.

Her story is very intense as she describes a secret government incident in her childhood. She then continues to develop as a "regular" person —similar to J.Z. Knight in her autobiography— until the metaphysical world opens up again. She mostly documents conversations with Ascended Masters and how this changed her life. For instance, Yeshua was her most profound connection who reminded her of her volunteering to be here and Kuan Yin instructs to "live your truth."

In the September 2018 channeled video, a viewer asked the Orion Council if human beings are a fractal of the universe. The O.C. responded with high energy, as if they were amused by this question. It's no coincidence that Alexa, like Dolores Cannon, writes about the quantum level and makes a point about being multi-dimensional (something the O.C. often teaches).

"A fractal is a portion of an individual's consciousness that is self-similar to the greater whole. Human beings house a small percentage of their greater fractal within the body and energetic systems. The point of ascension is to activate the lightbody and bring in additional energy. [...] the 'zero-point', a point of consciousness that propels you toward your authentic self." [p.65]