What are Ascension "Symptoms"?

[astral hospital from Nosso Lar movie]


"Why am I losing my memory?"

-We are "leaving" 3D as it is "disappearing" where people use memory to know something. In 5D, knowing is the way to operate. We are encouraged to use our abilities to respond intuitively.

"Why is it so hard to understand and remember E.T. contact?"

-Our experiences are blurred because of the beliefs, fears and superstitions built into the psyche over many lifetimes (also called "cellular memory" which we inherit from our human ancestors). The contact narratives are made to fit our particular belief systems which can involve ego and fear.

"How do we move past the emotion of a situation when it includes fear or anger?"

-The key is in understanding and having enough faith in one's self. Knowledge helps us move past the emotion and gets us out of victim mentality. We must allow cognitive expansion as we learn what it means to be a citizen of the cosmos.

There is heavy religious programming on the planet. The fear of having your soul "taken" feels very real for people, including many other fears. With understanding, one can overcome these fears by knowing that they are simply astral projecting and having trouble re-entering the body causing sleep paralysis. No one actually steals your soul!

"What is humanity's lesson?"

-To use the reasoning power of our minds with wisdom, compassion and free will, over the use of simply our physical bodies.

"Who are the Guardians?"

-Evolved beings from other planets who seem to have "super powers", who have been to Earth as "adepts."

"What is an angel?"

-A highly evolved being or High Good Soul coming from the higher realms of the Spirit World (above level 6), or a higher galactic level. Earth has been on Level 1 and it is time for Earth to ascend. Angels are helpers working with Divine Will rather than personal, human will. They create a physical container upon will but exist mainly as mind and spirit.

"What is a galactic level?"

-They aren't places, they are states of mind/states of conscious awareness.


Because of the internet, so much new information is being revealed about wellness, which is much more than supplements (although supplements remain incredible until our soil and water get healthier). Depending on what country you are in, you will either have immediate access to certain materials or need to go through a bit of digging and investing.

It's a sad thing that we don't have open markets all around the world, yet, but people are waking up and leaders demanding wellness which in turn affects people. On an individual basis, we are receiving immense new and old knowledge through our technology and communications with humans and beings in other dimensions.

How can I have more brain-power?

-Organic sulfur assists with oxygen transport across the cell membrane. This was also removed from the water supply in the 1960's by Rockerfeller (Ra-Ka-Pharaohs lineage dating back to Egypt who made liaisons with reptiles from Orion). Having sulfur (a naturally occurring element) in your system helps with the absorption of minerals, so you get MORE out of all the vegetable and supplements you take. Patrick McGean has helped over 5 million people get better again with this 99.9% crystalline organic sulfur (see: Sisna/Cellular Matrix Study). People have healed from testicular cancer, gotten their libido back at age 75 and thrown away their wheelchairs. This creates a detox effect with some (e.g. tonsils clearing out) and better dream recall when taken before bedtime. You pee it out in 24h therefore cannot overdose. There is more to health than just food. Listen to his interview called "Health Revolution" here.

Who can I share my experience with?

-Ascension involves physical shifts that people have reported on for years in a Facebook group called "Ascension Symptoms Support Group." https://www.facebook.com/groups/297712141315/

Who is the best healer you can recommend?

-Gary Blier from Advanced Cell Training works with Lyme Disease/Epstein Barr patients as well as people who suffered emotional traumas (a cause for major problems in our lives). He has studied the behavior of pathogens and found that a rife machine will "zap" them but because pathogen mutate, they require on-going rife frequencies. So, instead of being hooked up to a machine daily, you can train your brain to create frequencies ("codes") to zap the virus/bacteria/pathogen. He gives you these codes after an initial consultation of $150 where you list your top 10 symptoms. You may go to heal pain in a certain area but find that you are healing something that happened in your childhood. Older people may need two or so years of this for heavy trauma, but college students tend to just do a series of codes and get back in life quickly. It is often a good idea to research healers and confirm with them what is going on with you. Also, remember that an "infection" will not just "let" you get off the hook so easily. Any pathogen in your system will attack you where you are weakest, so you may feel lots of resistance when trying to get better. Be easy on yourself and give these things a try if you have the finances to. It is worth investing in your health. When you know the behavior of pathogens you can eradicate them and get well. (Here is a video of a rife machine killing bacteria: https://youtu.be/nCkupIqbNXo) One major suggestion Gary has is to tap your thymus while rubbing the part that hurts, every night, for 10 minutes before bed.

Why should I invest in getting a massage?

-Rosen therapy explains that the muscle stores memories. If you aren't stretching regularly, getting hands-on healing by healers or relaxing, you are probably stressed. Another alternative is taking an epsom salt bath with lavender oil to clear the energy from your body whenever necessary. Salt clears the aura and lavender is a high-frequency anti-inflammatory essential oil.

What are amino acids?

Taken by olympic athletes, amino acids are the building blocks of our cells. Ones like L-glutamine and serine help build proteins and synthesize other amino acids. When you take them you might feel tingling in your hands/arms but that is because your body needs this and is taking it in. These help give you energy.

What is your favorite multivitamin?

Ambaya gold 72 liquid minerals are easy to digest. I know her personally and she is great! Also, cal-mag-zinc helps with stress and monoatomic gold or ormus should be used when coming back to center after doing psychic work. Vibropathics are a new territory.

What can I use for stomach pain?

For immediate relief, try diatomaceous earth. While it is normally used around the house, a tiny bit in water that is FOOD-GRADE is o.k. Also, people swear by apple cider vinegar which is also excellent when taken in a shot glass to instantly combat flu symptoms. The main thing for your stomach is consuming greens and water that is PH7 or higher if you've consumed acidic things like coffee and soda (PH2). Our blood is always PH7 and so anything higher than that is alkaline and anything lower is acidic. People who consume standard Western diets need more alkalinity. People who are already on a whole foods diet need to watch those levels which can be tested with a PH saliva/urine strip. Too much alkalinity is also not good especially if someone has diabetes.

What do you think about plant medicines?

Natural healing remedies are from the Earth and connecting with Earth's resonance is good for us.

Bacteria, according to Hopi oral tradition -legend through Robert Morning Sky, was a business in the cosmos way back when this Draco queen taxed people along the Milky Way galactic "highway." It was mainly used for decomposition purposes and was not supposed to get out of hand as has happened on Earth. Now, the star children and those with advanced DNA are less susceptible and are here with remedies for how to fix it.

Remember that underneath a perfect pyramid angle parasites DIE. This has been found by Russian scientists and you can see similar results from the Pyramid of Giza (King's chamber). When there is enough light (photons) these lower life-form entities cease to exist.

Plants should be used with caution as guides.

Favorite essential supplements:

  1. Clean water (because hydrogen communicates across the universe!)
  2. Sunlight
  3. Fresh green juice
  4. Multivitamin (liquid or pill)
  5. Organic sulfur https://youtu.be/BuiZa50iuKs
  6. Ormus/Monoatomic Gold
  7. Silica
  8. Apple cider vinegar
  9. Psyllium husk
  10. Electrolytes
  11. Diatomaceous Earth
  12. Chaga/reishi/adaptogenic tea (or wellness tea of your choice)
  13. DMSO
  14. CBD Oil
  15. Shilajit https://youtu.be/E_AeNrGUNfk

[our levitating, intelligent, hexagonal ormus from http://kristasangels.etsy.com ]


*NASA light bulbs - by Pure Light https://www.pure-light.com/

*Purpley Products ionic purifier / Green wave plug (if you measure the room

with a negative ion meter you will have negative ions - you can also use a

blower or increase the number of house plants and crystals in your home,

especially shungite which absorbs EMF)


Most E.T. experiences take place on the astral plane which is a meeting ground between the physical plane and higher dimensions. Planes are bands of energy that vibrate at different frequencies. The astral one is made of our thoughts and emotions. In order to experience this we have to step away from the physical vessel and experience reality through thought, feeling and imagination. Furthermore, it is here that time as we understand it does not exist. In the astral plane there are several zones similar to ours, one which is called the "real time zone." It looks just like this physical one but may appear more misty and translucent. Time is the reason why in the dream-world we can travel to the past or future in seconds.

As our awareness grows because time seems to be "speeding up", many peoples' ascension journey includes moving through interdimensional portals. There have been several reports of people moving through pink, jellylike plasma, wearing comfortable clothing. (You supposedly cannot get through a stargate with military weapons, which is one reason Earth humans have not been given technologies from benevolent extraterrestrials such as the amphibians from Procyon.) It feels rejuvenating and very good to move through this silvery light, as it is like a waterfall. Being under a waterfall is full of moving sound, negative/beneficial ions and energy! The water analogy makes sense because our soul progresses like a river, contributing to the refreshment and nourishment of everyone around. We merge in an out of the ocean of one, divine consciousness.

People who astral project go to wonderful places. In Judy Carrol's book, the hybrid children visit a place called Fairyland, which is very close to Earth (as described in the Vedic texts— the ring around Earth with the faeries and giants). This place, like the waterfall, gives them life and energy which ignites the imagination as they are to share that imagination with Earth people. At the same time, the sacral chakra gets healed because the inner child becomes more creative, fantastic, pure and innocent. The result is a belief in the possibility of miracles and magic.

This can also be experienced during meditation. It may feel like one is having thoughts of dying, as the body shakes and heart rate increases. Then there are roaring sounds as the senses open and vibrations are happening more on the astral plane. While it might be frightening for some, sleep paralysis is a natural and normal safety measure to still and quiet the body. A clairvoyant witnessing this sees the spirit leaving the body, leaving behind enough consciousness to maintain it, akin to parking a car outside and leaving on the handbrake.

See the spiritual parts of ourselves as a stream, melted from an ice-block that vibrates higher when heated. This is the true part of us which is God, universal and cosmic consciousness. Getting closer to experiencing these levels, we work with fourth-dimensional reality.

"The Greys are a tangible, sometimes even physical channel for the non-polarized energy of the universe. They're agents of creation. [...] The Greys are like the actors in a theatre company, with our own higher self as director, advising these 'actors' how best to play out 'the drama.' This drama is the core fear in our life that is blocking our spiritual growth and which needs to be played out in order to be understood and cleared."

"[The Human Ladder] is a term used by the Greys for the path of evolution taken by all human species through ascending energy frequencies of the universe. [...] When the time comes for us to evolve from the animal kingdom into the human kingdom, outside help is required, because at this point we move past the 'animal instinct' level and into the 'mind' level of developing reasoning power. It's here that the creation story of Genesis comes into the picture, because this is the stage of our evolution where outside assistance is needed to awaken us to a conscious awareness of the fact that we are a soul — a spiritual being inhabiting a physical form of flesh and blood rather than just a physical body and nothing more. [...] 223 human genes lack the required forerunners in our supposed evolutionary background. These extra genes are completely missing in the invertebrate stage and have not been acquired through gradual evolution along a straight line, but rather have been added as a 'sideways insertion' of genetic material. Also, these 223 genes make up two-thirds of the difference between chimpanzees and Man, and they include important psychological functions. In other words, science has now proven that we did not simply evolve naturally from the apes." [Carrol: 275]

[photo by Micah Williams]


The paths to higher evolution are stages we go through to receive gifts from Spirit.

Some of these involve immense suffering and even physical illness or death, even though they are chosen by the soul. Initiations can happen in groups. Some take many lifetimes.

Here is a simplified version of what you can expect from each one as you go up a spiritual level.

Many are choosing to undertake these as this time is a tremendous opportunity for growth.

Initiation #1: Tests of the physical body. This can be physical birth, itself, as you were born. It is the step into the spiritual kingdom also. You master the physical vehicle.

Initiation #2: Taking charge of emotions/"Baptism." This is perhaps the most difficult of initiations. You master the astral vehicle. Once you get through this, you tend to easily get through 3 and 4 in the same lifetime. Your desires die and the lower nature and astral elemental is controlled. Devotion and dedication overcomes glamour. Freedom becomes key.

Initiation #3: Mastering thoughts to use them constructively/"transfiguration". The third eye chakra has been stimulated. The disciple is polarized to a higher light level. The disciple has mastered the laws of their own nature. The soul runs the show, not the physical world. A voltage of spiritual energy is passed through the initiate under the direction of the Planetary Logos (Sanat Kumara).

Initiation #4: The most devastating initiation called the "crucifixion" or testing of your deepest fears to lift fear in the collective consciousness. This involves rejection and loss on a personal and emotional level. On a spiritual level it is a gateway to something higher. The initiate only incarnates a volunteer and has left the three lower worlds. The antakarana rainbow bridge has been constructed and energy comes purely from the monad. One has more access than most on a planetary level, guided by the soul group. The initiate is guided by intuition, pure reason and complete knowledge illuminated by love. There is no pain or suffering for the "arhat."

Initiation #5: Preparation for the ascension path/becoming an "adept." The adept becomes a world server.

Initiation #6: Ascension. The first chakra is stimulated. The adept's body is a body of light. The man or woman has achieved a perfected state.