What is Ascension?

"The concept of Initiation is also recognized in the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions loosely based on Theosophy. In the Ascended Master Teachings, it is referred to as Ascension." -Wikipedia

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Science found that Schumann resonance creates DNA on a planet. It is an alchemical process that is introduced through that frequency. When a Nobel prize winner introduced this to the United Nations, he was laughed at. The Rainbow Body in Dzogchen Tibetan Buddhism, is a "level of realization." Could this mean that we become actually "filled with light" when we accept and not laugh at real knowledge? This may be the actual "halo" effect that exists around the figures of Jesus and Mary in all of the icons of the past, people actually becoming glowing, rainbow beings. Furthermore, in a personal experience, before I started channeling, the pressure at the back of my head that felt like an energy massage was actually a point of building the "antakarana" or rainbow bridge, which is a prerequisite for ascension.

Ascension is what happens when a human being becomes an Ascended Master. When an entire planet ascends, a lot more happens. 🌍 In the past, fear was used as a trigger to get supernatural abilities, but that is no longer necessary as the planet is being hit by higher-dimensional time waves to "turn it on." These events will happen to us naturally and gradually.

[David K.Miller]

Theosophy, a specific philosophy of God, says that these humans have gone through a certain number of initiations to reach a higher light level. After this, they no longer need to reincarnate as they have done before. It is called the "sixth initiation", after initiations 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. There are numerous ascension "techniques" and Master beings to work with to move along the metaphorical ladder of spiritual progress. One must desire such development on a soul-level.🌍

"Joy is Love elevated and quickens Ascension." -Yeshua to Alexa Person

"Going 5D is going from the immaterial world to create material." -Mayans

[David Wilcock]

Cosmology, the science of the development of the universe, found that our solar system is in the middle of a hole and a wall of dense gas, the "galactic halo". Pleiadian channelers call this the "photon band", where photons as light particles have been known about since the 1960s.

These plasma gas tunnels may be wormholes (space-time connection points). It would confirm past hypotheses that we are amidst an interstellar network of "chimneys."

Interestingly, the Orion Council (through myself) has come in to say "IRS is the self-aligning nest", where IRS=infra red source. There are infra-red source light packets that have been seen coming out of black holes, where energy is usually sucked inside, which may confirm the portal theory.

Furthermore, some theorists see the universe in the shape of the center of a donut or toroidal field. 🌍

[William Buhlman]

Russian science that was under national security until 1991, now declassified because they weren’t having “defense” work. ~ Kozriev was a scientist who ended up in a concentration camp (science was a seen as a political threat). He was brilliant and suggested we could have water on the moon in lunar colonies. Through adversity, though, some people get amazing powers (see: China’s Super Psychics -book about the children with abilities). There is a time factor between time and the manifestation in a teleportation. Kozriev found the “waves of time” (so did Terrence McKenna).

The faster you move through space, the more time is speeding up for you. With atomic clocks you find airplanes experience a difference in time than we do on the surface, but just a little bit.

When you’re not dealing with relativity, and dealing with tortion physics (as they do in Russia but not America, there it is accepted, here it is “pseudo”, because big corporations haven’t funded it, as what happened with the Wright Brothers and their early flying airplane), you can change the flow of time. This can happen in a lab, with time waves, mercury and a thermometer.

Wilcock says time is “gravity powered”, which the U.S. opposes. Kozriev says that Einstein’s unified field theory has flaws. In other words, time moves differently for you than it does for me. For example, seances in the past would place a pendulum under a glass, so that it could not be influenced by wind of the people in the room. During the seance, should any spirit or E.T. or ship arrive, the pendulum would begin moving because of the time dilation/distortion of time. In a sense, they are creating a portal by altering time.

Consciousness creates the wave. Kozriev found that his actions outside of the glass would affect time. The hands of a clock he had placed under the glass moved when he would burn fire, break an object or freeze water. Why does the bruja break bones in the fire and then sprinkle water in all four direction? They are changing time. You have to know the elements to influence a hypothetical time wheel (like in Doctor Strange) above a fire. This is why rituals are done at certain times of day and in certain directions. When you will the turn of events, you have to will the hands of time. Our body is all elements, so we can potentially do this. However, our consciousness is so fragmented it takes us a while to develop.

"Zero-point field is pure potential and this holds the bliss codes for creation and the absolute enjoyment of embodiment of creation as a physical being. The best Earth is the embracing of all three perspectives simultaneously, although true zero-point will take you into embracing none of these timelines while embracing all three of them. [...] This is your trilocation of thought, that triggers the etheric DNA strand formations for the beyond-the-triple-helix DNA formation." -Magenta Pixie

(Zero point according to hybrid starseed author and speaker Alexa Person: "a point of consciousness that propels you toward your authentic self.")

Channeled messages, communications from other-dimensional beings through physical mediums, comment on potentials for Earth, humanity and science. This quote is about peoples' special abilities turning on:

The Ps [Pleiadians] say the most exciting thing about Earth’s ascension will be that each one of us will be able to feel the frequencies of all the lifeforms, even our own!” -Barbara Hand Clow

"Orion Council is loving energy today. It is that of healing. It is that of agreement. It is that of facilitating new devices. It is that of Ascension energy, organic materials being used to construct new devices. [There is] lots of, let us say, motherly energy here today and many of you are, indeed sensitive enough to realize that you are your own nurturers." -The O.C. through Krista Raisa 🌍

Just as the physical body changes during a mediumship session (e.g. JZ Knight posted on Facebook a change in DNA as she channels Ramtha and gains 5 pounds), so will it in a new frequency. If you could imagine someone wanting to sprint at 44.72 km/h like Usain Bolt did, during the World Championships in Berlin on 16 August 2009, you could imagine there are certain dietary, mental and emotional requirements.

One of the most common questions I receive as a channeler is, "will you be teaching how to channel?" Until that day happens and I can see the cause-and-effect, I will be sharing personal, motivational stories that may help. All I can say is, I have participated in physical activity all my life and listened to my body when it said "no." In the channeling state, you may also want to wear more comfortable clothing and take off metals and crystals or put them on. So much depends upon our physical environment and beliefs and in the following lectures you will remember more about the myriad of lifestyle options available to get in touch with your star family.

[Stephen Greer]

Experiencers, or people who have had one of five levels of E.T. contact, should know that this is a large component to Ascension.

As you will see in the next lectures, regular people who have had regression hypnosis therapy recall unusual amounts of knowledge for what is happening not only to themselves but to the larger reality.

(*Beautiful soul Tracey Taylor was one of the earlier starseeds who shared her story in the waking state: https://youtu.be/2wL0A6ityaA )

For instance, people living "regular" lives have dreams of waking up on spacecraft and learning things they normally wouldn't. Part of their work can involve visiting Earth humans (sometimes in an extraterrestrial "suit") and teaching or helping to heal them during dreamtime. This could be on the astral plane or in a lucid dream, but the truth is, we are never truly "asleep", our Spirit is constantly having an experience.

"Many varied interplanetary and interdimensional groups are taking part in this, and, in fact, it's a joint effort on a truly universal scale." -Judy Carroll [also below:]

I have found that theosophy states the same. People who channel Ascended Master teachings explain that Earth, currently, is one tenth up a ten-inch ruler when it comes to spiritual enlightenment. According to the Vedic Hindu philosophy, we have billions of years before this universe potentially disappears, so it's not like you have to Ascend tomorrow! Everyone goes where they need to go according to their own learning and vibration. Helpers, or people carrying lots of light, however, will feel a sense of urgency or the sincere desire to "just be of service" to others. This is a part of the whole plan, and is quite natural.

Seeing people with golden halos or waking up to the news being all positive one day, sounds like a clear sign we have risen to a higher frequency. In my visions there is a brighter light in the sky and the air feels clean. People will be moving through white, domed buildings with plants on them, which have actually been found to be more beneficial to wellness.

"Going 5D is the transition to an online job, for example." -Arcturus RA

Part of the shadow-work, to get there, though, has to do with overcoming this 4-dimensional Nibiran control Net, which keeps people in a "false" light. Some storytellers say there are two "lights" when we cross over (should you die) and you need to go to the correct one with your star family instead of the one where your soul gets "recycled" into Earth's reincarnational, default cycle. I do not have personal experience with this, but it seems that if you demand for more and claim your sovereignty, you will be fine. There is nothing to fear except fear itself (fear being "false evidence appearing real.") Sadly, this news is not often talked about in books by Western psychic mediums, as it's been told by Native American people and researchers who study the Annunaki (which actually means "extraterrestrial.")

What I have learned, through psychic mediums, is that communication from other dimensions also happens through the astral plane. When you reach "higher" levels of the astral, you can receive messages from loved ones, faeries and E.T.s. The whole work about this is, though, that you want the most clear and helpful knowledge, knowing the communicator on the other side.

When the antakarana (rainbow bridge) is open at the back of your head, you will feel energy shifting but also be more receptive to telepathic/empathic aka telempathic messages. In other words, having a liking or mutual love between yourself and another being will make this a lot easier, but to go to other dimensions takes a raising of frequency. Someone who is mean, angry and cruel will "channel" lower parasitic entities or simply copy-paste true knowledge and wisdom. They are usually doing this kind of thing for selfish reasons and you'll never truly know what is going on unless your third eye is open. Signs that something is "bad juju" are confusion, stagnation and the feeling that something is off. And while we all deal with our "distortions", our experiences of others will be so personal, so a rule of thumb is to just take the golden nuggets you can out of every situation, keep calm and carry on! Finally, do not confuse deception with what is called the herxheimer reaction, or purge, that takes place during an incredible healing that you so needed!

"Ascension is lifting yourself, bringing in more of your Higher Self." -
Torah through Shawn Randall

David Wilcock says that the problem is that the science isn't being publicized.

However, Sir Roger Penrose, who mapped out diverse quantum behaviors in the 1970s, was looking into the idea that all of the squiggles we look at in the quantum realm, are emanations from a single point/or "object". There is one idea in physics that there's really only one particle the universe consists of (e.g. Higgs-Boson). Penrose started to map out what this shape might look like, as he had been mapping out diverse quantum behaviors to this shape, but could not. In the 2000s the equation was solved by Neema Arkani Hemed and Yaroslav Trnka. They now have scientific proof that all quantum fluctuations (forget everything we would call a particle: tao, electron, neutrinos, leptons, quarks, muons, bosons, etc.), are a sacred geometric pattern. This has all the information we need to model everything in the universe. It's the fluctuations, amplitude and waves of this shape, that creates. It's the shape of the merkabah. This is the Law of One. It contains everything, all space-time and quantum manifestations. This is simultaneously the largest AND smallest subatomic quantae. It has past-present-future all contained within it.

"The densities are the qualities of consciousness." -Gabe Solomon https://youtu.be/UoJNkk6acNc