What Techniques Can Give Me a 5D Experience?

Important QnA:

1) What is it that psychics are seeing around people? -Etheric energy that appears colorful, moving and sometimes textured (like marble). Sometimes they are seeing beings that appear to "sit" on/over a person, working through the person. Some "see" objects attached to a person or information coming from guides. Some see multiple auric levels.

2) What is the 5th dimension? -A higher dimension of existence above what we experience now in 1-3D, where we are bound by laws of cause-and-effect and reincarnation. 4D is the astral realm and realm of dreams. 5D transcends this. It is a place of infinite love, where others have "graduated" from Earth. Ascended Masters live here including Sananda. Ascension focuses on going to the fifth dimension. It's like traveling to a new place, you want to visit a couple times and have a local guide before moving there, where the E.T.s are our tour guides! Also, having a "5D consciousness" means having cosmic awareness; a knowing that God permeates all life and that the individual has more control over creation; the ability to travel freely out of the body throughout the universe.

"Those who achieve the state of fifth dimensional consciousness will move ahead and participate in the new Earth, and will be able to do these things. [...] As the physical body goes through its transformation process it will become more immune. The humans or the new humans, or the hybrids coming that will participate in the new Earth, will bring greater awareness, greater knowledge to cure the old diseased, so to speak." [Cannon, D.; hypnotee p.269]

3) How can we get to the higher dimensions? -Through corridors and pathways that go directly there, such as the Arcturian stargate. -Through "galactic spirituality." -Soaking in golden balls of etheric, "harmonic omega light" coming from 5D.

4) What do our spirit guides do? -Help us with soul tasks like teaching, cooking, reiki, medical advice, healing. Their guidance is connected to synchronicity as you move outside of time and experience the oneness of creation. One of your main ones is called a "gatekeeper." (Others include: animal totems/plant faeries, ancestors, angels, archangels, Masters, saints, prophets, ET.s, teachers). Intermediaries are necessary for ascension. Higher beings cannot directly communicate which is why we need messengers! That means you. To become a channel, you need humility and to say who you are channeling if it's a light being!

5) Why are people experiencing mental illness? -They don't feel connected to the group. They feel unsafe. They are swimming in a planetary emotional soup while learning to work in their heart energy even if the people on the planet are doing something else. They don't feel well because they aren't helping others to connect to higher energy. They may also have suffered brain damage or lack certain nutrients/minerals/hormones/amino acids. They have incarnated into dysfunctional family programming they are trying to solve and transcend the programs.

6) What is multidimensionality? -For example: mother-wife-friend.

7) What's the deal with past lives? -They can affect us today. People who seem to have more personalities than one, may be dealing with a carried over experience.

8) What is the spiritual lesson in depression? -It is usually seen as the denial of self. A person is given a program that is against his or her nature.

9) Why is Earth considered a "Level One" planet? -Not all planets are enlightened.

10) How can Earth become a "Level Two" planet? -Starseeds place human consciousness into the existence of other dimensions. -Your higher and 5D consciousness permeates the noosphere (the sphere of human thought).

11) What is the aura? -The aura is like an in between space for body and spirit. Your aura consists of the subtle bodies that make you.

12) What is the high-pitched ringing I hear? -This can be astral travel or a brain adjustment, "downloads" of information.

13) Why are people gay? -Gay is an energy. Past lives also influence us.

14) What should I know about DNA? -Timothy Leary says our DNA has access to 2.5B years of memories as a database stored in your cellular memory. There is also a maximum programmed in the DNA. This means your DNA is the ultimate, cosmic antennae. It can imprint itself in a dark box after being removed from the box. Our DNA emits light.

15) Why is my time-perception changing? In 5D we operate based on intuition, while in 3D we operate based on memories. When ETs accelerate time, it appears stretched to us. Our memory blank and "loss of time" happens when our consciousness is slower. Our wobbly energies dissipate, but if we stay more focused we have more power to create what we want.


-Explore your 5D self, go to sacred places, be with your groups, access repressed parts of self, use sweat lodges/steam-rooms/saunas, chant, go to temples, explore altered states of consciousness.

-Undo negative epigenetics

-Battles you see on this Earth are remnants and leftovers from some of the earlier battles in the galaxy.

-In planetary healing, we talk a lot about connecting with the fifth-dimensional Earth (which involves future technology).

-The Adam prototype has the inherent ability to ascend, meaning that it can bypass the death experience and elevate itself into the fifth dimension.

-People on this Earth need great assistance but do not expect to heal everyone.

-Other fifth-dimensional beings are coming to Earth using their technology and their spacecraft. They are working with you to help you experience the higher aspects of yourself. When beings descended here, they realized the benefits of this place.

-Some of you may have participated unknowingly in the scientific work that was later misused.

-The subconscious is the basis for manifestation. It's language is more in pictures, poetry, music or art.

-Healing chambers on spaceships can predict, and calibrate you in this or in other lives. It can bring up images from the past.

-In some Tibetan Buddhist circles, people have used consorts on the physical plane to achieve ascension.

"[...] the past 2000 to 3000 —or even 500 years— have been a period of time that has often been dominated by male energies. [...] This time on Earth offers many opportunities for women to express their spiritual wisdom and gifts." [Miller]

Question/Journaling exercise:

How can we make Earth into a forest, rather than a garden?


-Positive self-talk

-Talking with your 5D guides and teachers

-Broadening your identity

-Discriminating thought-signals (for empaths especially)

-Knowing we can bring 5D into 3D

-Meditation/altered states of consciousness (you can travel into other dimensions this way or via astral projection)

-Retrieve soul information through the third eye.

-Work with soul psychology as a starseed.

-Manifest the third-dimensional incarnation to complete your lessons and become a perfect soul. You are only experiencing a part of your greater self, while in 3D. We are here to make sense of this.

-You are not alone in the feeling that you want to graduate this place as soon as possible. The experience of Grace is like receiving a service award, because this ascension process is going to be a unifying spiritual opening for millions, and when you go through the ascension process, you will be offered grace.

-Get used to your relationship to your ego as it is still an important part of your ascension process. Our job is to let more of our Higher Self come through on this planet, becoming who we truly are.

-Graduation from Earth means you will not need to return to the third dimension.

-Many have agreed this "is not a harmonious planet." This is why we work with the higher energies.

-As starseeds you need to have personal power, energy and focus.

"Moving into your fifth-dimensional self is key to understanding soul psychology and its relationship to the ascension. There is an acceleration of psychological development that is necessary for everyone to ascend." [Miller]

-Master the energy and feelings of compassion, acceptance, love, understanding and wisdom

-Let your third eye open, let your crown chakra open to the ancient memories, ancient codes and histories of the galaxy.


-Past-life regression (for clearing trauma)

-Soul retrieval

-Advanced work in healing chambers

-Connecting to your 5D or future self (starseeds have a presence in the fifth dimension). Some starseeds are reporting that they are commanders of certain areas and other starseeds are reporting that their multidimensional selves are doing healings, organizing groups, meeting with their soul families, or meeting with their guides and teachers. These are examples of the experiences of the multidimensional self.

"The idea of ascension focuses on being able to complete your Earth incarnational cycle and move into a higher dimension. In the ascension, you are relieved of all future Earth karma and all third-dimensional Earth karma. You are then able to move into your fifth-dimensional self without having to return to the third dimension, unless you decided you want to return as an ascended master to provide assistance to Earth." [Miller]

Question (Journaling exercise): What lessons do you have to learn in this lifetime?

(E.g. compassion, relationships, self-esteem, consciousness integration into 3D, to have wealth and be spiritual, expressing your spiritual gifts)


Kryon (through Lee Carrol):

"You're all coming back, and I've told you this. Regardless of what your tired body says now, you are returning. Imagine a young body with the knowledge that you gained this time around, where you won't have to make the same mistakes! You will be coming in fresh, looking good, and remembering! You're not going to miss the party, dear ones. Every single time when I've seen you on my side of the veil, you can hardly wait to go at it again, especially if there's some redemption coming. You've spent a lot of time fighting the old energy, dear ones. Now, why not enjoy what you've paid for and earned? There's more."

Mary (through David K. Miller):

"Your effort, intention and desires are important."

The Theologians of Orion (through Athena Zeub):

"Humans make clones."

"The Egyptian people lost a lot when their leader died, starts with a T and that's when people from the planets didn't come down for a long time."

"If you look at the big things small and the small things big, you'll figure things out."

"The thing about people who do mass slaying, that type of thinking will start to thin out."

"There are messages all throughout the sphinx. But they're messages people are not supposed to bother. The messages that are in there are for the Gods."

"Love is something that we all know and should abide by and it does help. It does help. With vegetation you really need to plant a lot of succulents, trees, shrubs, anything that absorbs bad things that float around the earth. You need to try to get your Government to listen to you. You the people, can't always just rely on them. You need to go out and you need to do what you have to do, you have to convince these people of what's happening, that you are killing the earth, you are killing yourself and you are killing us."

Chief White Eagle (through David K. Miller):

"Earth is the blue star of the galaxy. We must live with Earth."

Arvantis (feline human through Jefferson Viscardi):

"Ahr in tor kai mor ren" ("There is much love in our hearts for all of you.")

"We do not have the variety of fashion in clothing that you have."

"We only follow our heart. So there is no experience of trying to own another person and tell them they can or cannot do a particular things. That would not be allowing for that other person to follow their heart. That would be trying to restrict, to place limitations on an aspect of oneself, which is symbolically presenting itself as that other person in that relationship."

"The age of awareness and self-realization is expanding and growing."

Lord Arcturus (through David K. Miller):

"Spiritual reunification with the star family is needed more than ever at this time."

God (through Sondra Sneed):

"There are ways to make food in enclosed environments that have strains of nutritional value added to the soil without making the plants resistant to bugs."

"There are some rules of conduct that must be adhered to, because the laws of nature cannot be messed with without some level of jeopardy plaguing the manners of creative means. In other words, even God cannot avoid these laws without a shift in the balance of nature to govern the laws of physics."

"The Egyptians were of a magical race, but brutal in conquest."

"Science fiction and fantasy fiction are actually inspired by real events."

"The being you are right now is a wave pattern. This wave pattern distinguishes you from other wave patterns. It is why you don't look like a mouse or a fly or a shoe."

Juliano & the Arcturians (through David K. Miller):

"Intermediaries (guides between 3D and 5D who are here to help with ascension) could also be compared to electrical high voltage lines. A higher electromagnetic energy field (such as high line voltage) might be beyond what your normal electromagnetic energy field (e.g. fuse box) can tolerate. Remember that you are an electromagnetic vibrating energy field, but you have limitations. If a stronger pulse or stronger spiritual electromagnetic energy comes to you, you have to be ready to process and integrate the energy from that higher force. Sometimes the energy is so heightened that you are not able to bridge it, and you might not be able to experience it. You also need the right mental body and belief system to process this type of higher voltage energy. Remember that the Central Sun, which is located in a dimensional space approximately in alignment with the center of this galaxy, came into an eclipse or a galactic alignment with your solar system on December 21, 2012. ( ou feel the effects, but it is hard to explain.) Ascended Masters put a golden, multicolored halo around Earth called the "ring of ascension"; it holds higher thought-forms, harmony and safety. It interacts with starseeds. [...] The Iskalia mirror is an etheric mirror that we, the Arcturians, helped place over the North Pole of your dear planet to act as a magnifier, allowing a pure energy field and thought to reach this planet. The Central Sun has a collection of energy from the ascended masters and teachers in the galaxy, who are all concentrating. It is a summary of the highest wisdom of the galaxy. Just receive it. This is what the Harmonic Convergence and the 11:11 energy was all about. It was an attempt to bring harmony to the tremendous forces you are experiencing.

Remember you still have the perfect opportunity for ascension- even in the midst of this galactic drama. This galactic drama does not harm your possibilities for ascension. On the contrary, and paradoxically, you are in a time of great spiritual opportunity. This galactic drama will reach it's climax soon. The light-seekers are working for their personal uplifting and also to serve as planetary healers."

Orion Council (through Krista Raisa):

"If you continue to consume in the way that you do and if you continue to acknowledge the falsities around you, you will not become aware of what is guiding you. This is what we mean by a "lie." It is when you are beginning to fall into the pattern of not wanting to complete assignments. [...] When you are in meditation, you are accelerating your consciousness because you are communicating with the external world in a different way than before. When you are in meditation, you are also aligning to those quote unquote assignments."

"Some of the leaders on your planet are changing and they would be challenged because of these new energetics."

"We want you to understand we are love."

"So, in your path to self-discovery, you are to align with others who can assist you in this discovery and you are to align yourself with those who can show you opportunities!"

Faeries (through Doreen Virtue):

"We work with Archangel Michael, who oversees all lightworkers."

"[Ringing in your ear] is a tone designed to keep your spiritual frequency level higher than the material plane and race-mind consciousness."

"The method that we fairies use, with great success, is to joyously state our desires and expectations mentally or aloud while we move our body in nature. So, you could affirm your expectations while jogging, walking, stretching or dancing outdoors."

Yeshua (through Alexa Person):

"Forgive. You were specifically sent during this time of peace, a time of readiness within the hearts of man. It is important for you to be here now. Go and do not judge. Walk in the Way, and all will be delivered. You are Love. Extend this Love to all, and your own Love will expand into the Kingdom of the Creator. Beloved, you are loved."


-Prayers should be short and sincere.

-You can fool each other, you can try to fool yourself, but you cannot fool God Almighty. Your motive is important. If you really want to improve yourself, do it now. Your inner, genuine desire is the only thing that matters.

-Never be unkind and try very hard not to be a hypocrite.

-Lead a simple, honest, kind and selfless life.

-Prepare yourselves for the Spirit World through spirit communications. People from Earth are very shocked when they come back as they are ignorant to God's laws. These communications help people on Earth, but they do not reveal what the spiritual tests are. Everyone gets tested. Spirit communications should be done with another person and not alone.

-There are at least 7 realms in the Spirit World. Breaking man-made laws are not considered sins in the Spirit World. Breaking God's laws are sins. What you do on Earth determines where you go in the Spirit World. You have to pay for your sins no matter what.

-Fight evil or walk away. Never encourage evil. Evil souls trick good souls. Evil and bad souls should try to improve now and repent genuinely, otherwise the doors to the lowest Realm will open wide for them.

-When you are asleep, you are healed and guided. Heed the advice from your spirit helpers.

-If you have a genuine desire to be on a higher level you can control your physical mind and prevent it from going astray. If you have good will-power you can control bad feelings and you will not commit sins.

-You are sent to Earth to take on certain work, training, to gain experience, and to pay off karma, so finish what you have come to do on Earth before your time is up. Otherwise, you will have to be reborn again for the same purpose.

-If you go very negative, your subconscious mind will fall asleep and you will stop receiving higher guidance. Steps: 1) Ask God to help you with this. 2) Blank your mind while facing North during the day, for two minutes, in a positive place. 3) Talk to and acknowledge your subconscious. Ask it to guide you. 4) Listen to the advice it gives. 5) Control your physical mind. (On Earth, your physical mind is 100% open, but the subconscious mind is open only 1-2% in an average human being. If you are a very good soul, your subconscious mind will open to a maximum of 7-9% on Earth. Even when a soul reaches Realm 7 Stage 9, the subconscious mind is open only 20%. You will continue to evolve in the next universe, and your subconscious mind will only be fully open (100%) in the final stage of the seventh universe and you will then finally be able to understand God and live in God's presence.

-It is important to enjoy your earthly journey, but not at the cost of your soul.

-You have a spiritual responsibility towards parents, children and loved ones.

-Deal with your existing problems gracefully.

-Knowledge in action is wisdom. Take action.

-Be positive and have faith in God.

-Do not compare journeys. Never blame others for your own lessons. You can change anytime you want to.

TECHNIQUES FROM JOSHUA DAVID STONE, PHD: "The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime"

Chapter 4:

Ascension techniques

You can now choose how to Ascend- turn in lightbody, return to the Spirit World or remain in physical form as an Ascended Master.

You no longer hold karma as you've balanced over 51% of it and have merged with monadic consciousness, not just soul consciousness. You've had an average of 250 past lives and completed your dharma or mission on Earth. Your consciousness is pure joy, unconditional love and you hold the realization that everyone is God.

You can dematerialize and rematerialize, manifest instantly what it is you need, bilocate, become physically immortal.

We raise or lower our frequency every day, but Ascension is inevitable as it is a natural phenomenon.

We already have an ascended, 5-D self which we can anchor in. Our spiritual body is waiting for the 6 other bodies to catch up. Cosmic Law says we have to ask for it, though, to have it merge with our auras.

When one soul extension of your soul group ascends, so does the entire group of 11, which also has beneficial effects on the others in your monad.

In some instances just one soul extension can ascend but there have also been massive planetary ascensions. This happens when our planetary logos, Sanat Kumara reaches a new level.

In an Ascension we decide which of the seven paths of higher evolution it is that we want to take (eg the path of Sirius...) The Ascended Masters aka the Hierarchy decide on planetary affairs (spiritual government of this planet).

Ascension is a fifth dimensional state of consciousness. At the time of ascension the fourth dimensional chakras have been mastered and completed and the higher chakras have been anchored into the lower chakras.

The soul extension or personality unites with Spirit.

People with illnesses can Ascend. you can ascend into lightbody which gives you a greater capacity to be of service or you can Ascend and remain in the physical vessel.

This vessel will change with all the God flame light, however.

An Ascension takes about 30 minutes.

It is the same as merging with the light after death except you remain physical.

You can call in the ascension flame but only a little bit because too much Cosmic fire can burn out the physical body. At nighttime we can request to go to the ascended masters retreat on the etheric plane in order to train for this.

There are nine initiations in our planetary system, seven of which can be taken on the earth plane. This allows us to leave the Cosmic physical plane and begin work on the seven Cosmic planes. We have a long way to go until we reunite with God. Ascension, though, is a great achievement.

Mass ascension waves are happening as we attain more and more light.

The three waves that exist between the fifth and sixth initiations, initiated by Sanat Kumara, the planetary logos, are ascension activation, ascension integration and ascension declaration.

You can choose to ascend in your physical body or the mayavarupa body.

Abilities that come with Ascension are teleportation, Transfiguration and bilocation.

To build your light quotient one way is to build the physical and etheric nervous system and the second is to reabsorb the power and energy aspects of the soul that have been given away in past lives were in this life the third way is to polish the rough edges of your character within the four body system, the fourth way is to call on the ascended masters to help build your light quotient during meditation and sleep time.

(Here I can tell my story about calling in Hilarion and a few others and doing an axiatonal alignment, how the hands went up in the air. Individuals can also request actually a total alignment to align with the cosmic energies.)

To a 3D person Ascension looks like you disappearing into an ectoplasm and then rematerializing. The mayavarupa body (monadic blueprint body) is rematerialized into a perfect body.

When raising the physical body a spiral motion is set forth and the physical vehicle is raising into light rather than being burned up. (I am always seeing this spiral in my third eye when anchoring in the higher, spiritual frequencies).

Ascension "waves" make the process easier but you have to complete the initiations, first.

You can visit ascension chambers in dreamtime. It is easier when done during a guided (e.g. online) class with a group of experienced projectors.

When you call in the Mahatma Energy you are getting light information packets from the fifth, sixth and the seventh dimensions of reality.

Do this in meditation to build your light quotient and anchor in universal light with the help of archangels.


(Visualization) To open up and absorb replenishing vibrations: Picture them entering through the top of your head and then going down to your solar plexus. Hold the intention of revitalizing your aura, so make sure to send an extra jolt to your solar plexus. This recharges the whole body. Any excess energy should be sent out through the soles of your feet into the Earth mother. This helps you recharge when your defenses are down. (Our defenses can be down due to lack of eating food thus creating holes in the aura, having a ghostly attachment or being inebriated.) During sleep, you'll be protected as the subconscious and mind are more active that in the waking state!

Know the Space facts: *E.T.s make hybrids to help humanity. The E.T.s' interactive purpose is called "ascension." It is physical, spiritual and emotional evolution. They have already ascended. Hybrids have multiple missions which can get upgraded.