Earth Timeline & 2012-2032

Before Hyperborea: Maldek (705,000 years ago), before it got destroyed from service-to-self cultures

Before Lemuria: Hyperborea / Inner Earth civilizations

2012 - 2032

[The following teachings include information Diana Cooper's book Birthing a New Civilization: Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032 and knowledge from "Invisible Landscapes by Terrence and Dennis McKenna]


There have been five golden ages since Earth was born, they are called: Angala, Petranium, Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis and the upcoming one is 2032.

First, Angala was the original golden thought of the divine mind. It was the Satya Yuga of truth and perfection of everything. Then, Petranium was in Africa when it was fully covered in lush, green vegetation. Elemental Masters worked there as did many 7-dimensional beings. Many are still there helping.

Third, Mu was in the Pacific Ocean where people had fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. The people sang to the mountains and immensely loved the ascension planets in the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and Neptune. This love is held within Earth's Metatron's Cube in the center. Dinosaurs were around at this time and also in the next age.

Lemurian energy is still felt in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Polynesian Islands, parts of Alaska and North East Africa. Also Morocco, parts of Guinea, Mauritania, Algeria, Mali and Senegal were Lemurian. People there were androgynous and fifth-dimensional, a very spiritual people who were connected to the Earth to which they drew in the love of God. Their crystals (such as Lemurian quartz) were programmed with cosmic energy, forming cosmic grids (e.g. between pyramids). The ancient Lemurians incarnating now and getting activated are healing Earth faults with their crystals/connection to the elements. Lemurians may be greatly drawn to Mother Mary's energy and working cautiously in groups, without a leader, connecting with the unicorns. The energy is very powerful within a group that upholds the link as each member moves into oneness, focusing healing energy on a particular place on Earth.

Diana writes that Atlantis actually lasted 260,000 years and ended in 2012. She says "it took 10,000 years to set up, [240,000 years to operate] and 10,000 years to dismantle and learn the lessons." This was seen as a failure for the Intergalactic Council. On the fifth experiment, 84,000 from the upper part of the fifth dimension were chosen and created a 1,500-year Golden era. This was the 12-strand DNA and 12-chakra opening that is beyond our comprehension. They were highly connected to animals in a divine way, whereas other Atlanteans failed to respect the animals.

"In Golden Atlantis each child was taken to the local priest who read their past lives and recognized the individual specialties the soul brought with them. Then their specific abilities were developed by the parents, the community and school, so that the child could do what she loved to do and did best. This was a recipe for happy, contented, fulfilled lives." [Cooper: 80]

In 2032, Cooper writes that the universe is supposed to move into the fifth dimension. People will form communities that are based on harmony, sharing, caring, co-operating with nature, creativity and love. Souls who do not wish this will have to return to the inner planes, their home planets in other universes to continue third-dimensional experiences. It will be exactly what they need at the time. In the future, people will no longer need passports as boundaries between countries will be dissolved. The technology will be beyond that of Atlantis and humans will move beyond carbon-6-based bodies and live in crystalline ones. To bring in this energy you can stand, barefoot and visualize golden light moving through you into the Earth.

[photo by Jimmy Salazar]


A new time-cycle began in 2012 which has shown up on technological devices such as those of Project Looking Glass which showed a white energy "wall" one could not see past (into the future, which is what the project machine was used for). The Mayans knew about the outbreath of God which is a cycle of 26,000 years. We have now entered this new time. This is when source energy pour onto the planet (as show in the plasma tube photo in Lecture 1 where we enter a photon belt [Wilcock, D. & Hand-Clow, B.]). What follows is an opening of the heart chakras of the stars, planets and galaxies of all twelve universes, starting ascension. People have felt physical shifts, then, on a cellular level. Afterwards people are more settled but we still cannot take our "baggage" with us on this journey, as Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy constantly reminds us.

[photo from the Jodie Foster movie "Contact" where the machine built resembles that of Project Looking Glass]


Bashar, channeled through Darryl Anka, explains that time is your perception from moment-to-moment. It is a side-effect. Orion Council says it is one-dimensional. David Wilcock writes that we should imagine it as three-dimensional.

After 2012, people have reported experiences of their time-perception changing. It feels like synchronistic events accumulate faster.

The McKenna brothers (Terrence and Dennis), ethnobiologist and biochemist, found a way to graph the sequence of time-density. This is also called time compression. They mapped the greatest famous oracle and prediction systems of the world (Vedas, Mayan codex, iChing, Nostradamus and many more). The map they created realized that whenever we have a war or calamity happening, time compresses. It gets very dense and lower-dimensional. It's almost as if time solidifies, as in, the perception of existence comes to a hault. It is a shock, because we are "traumatized" in that moment. So, they looked at civil war and found a spike in the time compression graph. They looked at WWI and WWII, finding two distinctive spikes happening on Earth. They looked at 9/11, there was a very high spike in time-compression.

Using the time map, they went back 30,000 years and calculated until December 21, 2012. What they realized is that the time density (also calling it timewave zero), towards 2012, was dropping.

The implications of this is that filters of perception come off. In the past, time density did not allow for higher-dimensional knowledge to be downloaded into the faculty of the human vessel. Meaning, you couldn't have done the magical things you are doing today, in the past, because time-density did not "allow" it. A metaphor for 12/21/2012 is you getting a cable box with access to 360 channels, replacing a 3-channel based TV. Now that you have these channels, you figure out which of these is beneficial for you. Then, you give birth to something that comes from the time wave "zero field." In 1992, you would not have had that "spark." (Basically: we don't want these spikes happening. Luckily, Earth is no longer in the density where these can occur as it has gone down drastically from billions of years ago. We are no longer under the sleeping spell of Kingu.)

"The old third-dimensional paradigm of greed, self interest, control and manipulation will not be tolerated much longer. Already we have seen people power rising up against it. As we move into the new during the next twenty years this will be replaced by community spirit, ecological awareness, abundance consciousness, working for the highest good, helping nature, children and creativity." [p.22: Cooper]

(see Bashar video on 2027 "Fulcrum of Contact":


October 6, 2012: the water of Earth "broke", as happens before pregnancy. We were flooded with light and commanded to relax, getting stronger for the upcoming journey. This birthing is supposed to take 20 years where the "midwives" are doing double-dimensional Shift work (shifts). Cooper writes that Earth is the solar plexus for our universe, where we transmute fear for all beings in it. This had made life hard but so many beings are helping us, now.

November 11, 2012: Breathing into the heartbeat of Gaia, we were guided to be patient with the seeds we had all been planting as they slowly emerge, like a newborn baby. The Divine Feminine came in to assist. (The aquamarine color, which starseeds have been seeing around people such as star children with cosmic awareness, is the mantle of light that existed in Atlantis, carried by Ascended Masters.)

December 12, 2012: The thrill and anticipation people felt was because of real events. Although confused and not fully conscious of what was going on, so many of us connected to galactic wisdom. Light connected through the Stellar Gateway chakras. Cooper writes: "People were able to connect with the Masters of Orion who hold the wisdom of the universe."


The cosmic portals [see image/map below] opened more. Some are still going through the opening process. They are bringing forth:

-The wisdom of Atlantis, access to your unique soul blueprint

-The wisdom of Lemuria, passionate love for animals and nature

-Hollow Earth divine love

-The wisdom of Mu, connecting you to ascension planets in the Pleiades, Sirius, Neptune and Orion

-Aborigine wisdom, access to divine masculine truth

-Maori wisdom, bringing out the best in you and everyone you know

-Native American wisdom, and understanding of community spirit

-Belief in intergalactic connection

-Leadership and integrity

-Inuit wisdom, connection to other worlds

-Access to bliss

-Ability to connect with the stars, wisely

-Encouragement to live in your full potential

-Dogon wisdom, spiritual technology, ancient knowledge from Sirius

-Ability to bring things into balance



-Help establishing family bonds

-Acceptance of angelic blessings

-Abundance consciousness

-Beauty of higher spiritual expression

-Access to your vast potential

-Third-eye clarity

-Connection to dragons

-Relaxing relationships

-Ability for people to hear with wisdom

-Acceptance of your magnificence

-Enabling people to be who they truly are

-Embracing of angels

-Receptivity to light

[Water towers that pull water molecules out of thin air, as

promoted by Matt Damon]


There have been predictions about the economy becoming the way it is today. People are no longer supporting systems like insurance companies or ones that are based off of greed. Less and less are there individuals who put up these extreme divisions between rich and poor.

In 2007 many banks collapsed and companies went bankrupt, as they had been lending non-existent money, charging interest.

Because the frequency is going up, world economies have to honor fairness. To switch to a new system, old ones must come to an end or align with the new paradigm.

People which change work according to how they can express their highest truth. If the work does not allow for this the soul will move the individual out of the old job or business. Sometimes this happens in large groups, but it is actually a wake-up call for seeking a living that brings true satisfaction and aligns one to their higher calling. By raising your frequency you will find your soul work that automatically comes to you via the Law of Attraction. In the fifth-dimensional communities this will be normal and respectful of peoples' gifts and talents, similar to in Golden Atlantis.

The new energies will bring in more local farming and a change in international trade that will require strength. People will move towards spiritual enrichment instead of so many goods moving around the world. They will still continue living in abundance. More goods will be exchanged locally than people relying on money.

Big business will continue to collapse, especially those that exploit people, animals and the land. Those business will survive that operate for the highest good of everyone. In fifth-dimensional lifestyles people will emphasize cooperation, empowerment of others, offering excellence that is from the heart. Companies that respect all of us will live in ongoing success during the transition period.

The same will be taking place within countries where those who are super rich will help countries that are less fortunate. They will not be able to tolerate slave wages and child labor creating their goods. Terrible working conditions are becoming a situation of the past.


Electrical equipment can go hangwire when you lift your frequency/vibration. Getting back-up storage devices (like My Passport for Mac computers for $99) is a good idea. In some instances, you may be getting a very high-vibrational psychic reading with galactic energies and see your session just got deleted. Sometimes it's for a higher purpose. Sometimes you just needed a one-time experience that isn't to be shared with anyone. Just make sure you have extra light bulbs! You can get some from NASA (company called Pure Light ) that remove allergies and bacteria.

Where there are energy shortage in certain places, people will learn cooperation giving priority to facilities like hospitals. The karma from oil, Cooper writes, is repaid by earthquakes as a result of fracking. We are also learning how suppressed technologies must be released (e.g. free energy magnets/coils, hydro-powered vehicles, oil that is turned into fish food). People will develop/release ecological ways to power vehicles and public transport will become more common. We will have unimagined technologies that replace the daily airplane flights. People will also utilize more ground-transport like bikes, trains, mini helecopters and boats.

Power will come from water, lightning, sun and win, more than before. People will use less plastic and oil-based materials.

Higher beings will support people in their crystal technologies, power developed from earth magnetism, pyramid power and plant energy.

Once there is international peace, ocean-energy will be harnessed. This will also help with dealing with more rainfall.

The smaller communities that develop during these times will live a more simple life and value the planet's limited resources, developing futuristic powers we currently do not know about.

People who continue to be involved with nuclear power may see accidents occurring with these power stations. We must hold these people in the light.

Mother Earth has begun a prophecied cleansing that started in 2017. This was when the crown chakra of Earth opened and we are already seeing massive wildfires in places like California. There have been several hurricanes around the planet. What is happening is she is purging negative energy. Unaware people who start camp fires are a symptom of the emotional poisons humans dumped onto the planet.

The dark places on Earth are getting cleaned out so that Earth can raise her frequency and take her rightful place in the universe. The more light people carry here the less purification will be needed. We have the power to make this a gentle transition.

"Water has cosmic cleansing properties and was chosen to wash New Orleans where the Earth itself holds the pain, anger and fear of slavery. In this case the flood in August 2005 was also a reminder that all are equal in the eyes of God [...] People will start to see their common humanity rather than their cultural differences. [...] The incidence of natural disasters is expected to continue and intensify between 2017-2022. [...] Mother Earth will use earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, hurricanes to draw attention to systems that need to be changed. [...] Those who have a soul contract to pass over into the light take the negativity with them to the higher realms for transmutation." (Cooper; p.55-56)

How can we help with the weather changes?

-Awaken your 12 chakras and work with the elementals.

-Say prayers that are short and sincere.

-Visualize good weather in these places.

How do I make sure to be in the right place during these changes?

-Work with Archangel Metatron and the angels. Do not have fear. When people cross over due to freak accidents their spirit also does not experience the pain. They will float out of the body seconds before impact. Many brave souls have agreed to leave like butterflies in soul groups. They will be assisted. If you are to remain in your physical body you will be guided. Pray quickly and briefly to be in the right place at the right time.

When is the pole shift?

-This is not expected to happen for another 100 years [Cooper: 60], however, the axis *is* shifting at 35 miles a year.


Alongside the changes in certain places, more fifth-dimensional communities will form cooperatively. These people will be communicating telepathically and without leaders. Choices will be made according to the highest good of everyone.

The self-sufficiency culture will blossom as there will be less supermarkets. We have already seen them closing down (including Sears, Walmart, Macy's, McDonalds). People will shop locally consuming more local, healthy, happy food that is pesticide-free.

In the future more and more will be seeing angels, fairies and elementals. The gardeners and farmers seeing them will be helped by fairies, sylphs, pixies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, dryads/warb-utons, undines, imps, fauns, dragons.

Clairvoyant vision allows us to see what crops look like after they are blessed with love/respect along with the water used. They are more bountiful and protected from pests.

Elders will also be more respected and use local medical care along with natural herbs and healthy attitudes. This is because of the lifting of the veil which brings about a sense of oneness in all.

Those who connect with the natural world, to fix the damage humans have done, shall receive help from elementals. The Universal Angel Purlimiek is in charge of them. When we raise our frequency we will be able to honor and see these creatures which are in the millions.


-The population of Earth is "scheduled" to drop in the next 20 years as fewer will choose to be born. Many will choose to incarnate on other planets with friends and family.

-Bees taught us about sacred geometry in Atlantis and many have come from the Pleiades. We have to raise the conscious awareness of them, as well as that of dolphins and whales. You can visualize them as happy, healthy and free. Work with the pixies who help the bees and thank them.

-If we directed all our thoughts to wellness of all, the consciousness of Earth would rise overnight.

-Trees keep a record of local history, forming a network around Earth. You can lean against them to feel better and receive their love. Oak trees need re-energizing at this time. Ash trees grace ley-lines. Elms are sensitive. Poplars teach dependability.

Mahogany is about reliability. Beech help us with deception through forgiveness. Holly teaches us not to judge and sooth us. Hawthorns offer protection. Chestnuts contain hope. Sycamores shelter. Silver Birches are harmonious. Fir and pine trees purify us. When you touch a tree, tune into how it feels. Give the tree what you can. Notice how you feel when you withdraw your energy.

[Richard Price photo of redwoods]

-Earth is for brave souls.

-Germany raised it's vibration when it took down the Berlin Wall.

-The "one child rule" in China has created lots of stuck souls (earthbound spirits). People can call in the golden light for protection, light a candle for the soul and send them into the light, blessed, in the least.

-After 2032 babies will be wanted and parenthood desired. We will be living in smaller, co-operative communities.

-Many children have incarnated from wisdom planets in Orion. They have not experiences other planets. They are prepared by their wise teachers to incarnate and bring waves of enlightenment to us. They are Golden and can deal with the lower Earth frequencies by detaching and observing [p.81]

-Sometimes indigo, crystal and rainbow children shut down their gifts and become autistic because of the lower frequencies around them. They need space. (David Wolfe explains what could help them is barefooting on the beach and having a fresh smoothie. The ocean waves are calming for the brain. I personally listen to "alpha study waves" and "binaural beats" on Youtube while working. These help with physical ascension symptoms.)

-Unicorns have empathy that help sensitive children. They help them to ground their soul intention to Earth.

-Many are coming to Earth from other universes, stars and planets bringing gifts while simply experiencing life here. They seek peaceful ways of relating. Some have not been here before which can make it hard in school. New movements will teach these children how to understand each other.

-Even if souls born after 12 only live for a few hours, they will have fulfilled a contract to help the planet.

-Parents who control their children and dismiss individual talents will change.

-Huge schools built on ego gratification will no longer be considered suitable.

-Community schools will replace the old schools. Education will be right- and left- brain balanced. Music will be played to soothe children so they can learn more easily.

-Citizens everywhere are demanding freedom, honesty peace and fairness. The old rich/poor, authority/submission paradigm will fade away. People will be against Big Brother spying and warlords will be disappearing. Cooper writes that the European parliament will be swept away [p.85].

-People will continue to embrace gentler food due to the damage done by pharmaceutical companies and processed meals.

-The public will demand release of the secrets of the Vatican. They will reveal secrets of the Essenes (scrolls). The truth of Mary Magdalene will be understood.

-There will be bans on genetically modified foods and more grassroots movements for natural and organic produce.

-Organized crime such as the mafia will diminish as people will be happier and no longer turn to street drugs/addictive supports. For those who cannot cope with the world, there will be natural therapies to help them and re-balance their chakras.