Country-by-Country Predictions

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[photo by Mathew Schwartz]



Andorra is guarded by 4th-dimensional dragon elementals will help guide the people to teach abundance, the wonder of space and the universe.

Austria has mountains that hold sound that will spread a good feeling of home.

Archangel Gabriel is placing a diamond of clarity over Belgium.

Angels have poured light over the ley lines of Bosnia, giving people confidence and self-worth.

The long coastline of Croatia is helping purify the land.

Aphrodite's love energy is dissipating anger in Cyprus to spread more sister and brotherhood.

Mary Magdalene energy is moving from the coast of Marseilles into Czech Republic. The people are travelers who have self-worth.

People are starting to shine, in Estonia, where generosity is pouring in from Omsk.

The greed in the cities of France has been contained and people who move will be welcomed in the countryside. Many will also move to the French Alps and hear angels singing. A bright yellow energy is opening people to love. Lourdes contains Universal Angel energy. This country will cooperate more with other countries whilst keeping its uniqueness.

Germany holds a dual role. It is keeping fifth-dimensional light that has a golden key, despite the darkness of the wars (which a lot of has been cleansed). Archangel Sandalphon works here as the people have dissolved guilt held in the collective consciousness. Thousands of mature and wise souls have incarnated here. Scientists in this country are working with Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Tehnology and Science to bring forth spiritual energy. People whose bodies were used for experiments in the world war are reincarnating again. Their cellular level fear is healing during sleep time. This country will be offered divine grace. Much cosmic wisdom is held in the Black Forest and fifth-dimensional communities will arise.

[photo: Tom Grimbert]

The people of Greece have a huge pride in their ancient heritage and there has been a repaying of much of its karma from past acquisitions. Those who have struggled with the wake-up call are going through an initiation which many do not want to face and are dealing with misery. The islands are pure but there may be cleansing inland with fire. Here, there will be an awakening of kundalini once the cosmic pyramid constructed at the fall of Atlantis built by Poseidon opens. There still remains a connection to the Pleiades and once people remember their ancient heritage they will be open to medicine and healing. People will teach everywhere about divine resonance using herbs, crystals, music and other methods. The cosmic portals in Mesopotamia and the Sphinx are activating this area and Poseidon's tribe will rise up in a Golden City.

The Netherlands has an intimate knowledge of water (founded on the Dutch East India Company) and some areas may become covered in it. People will find new ways of building as innovating homes continue to surface, developing landing technology and worldwide construction methods. Many evolved, liberal, tolerant souls have incarnated here who are enlightened.

Despite the batterings of war, Hungary has maintained charming villages and family traditions. There is a spark in the hearts of people who are feeling safe again. The toxic shock of the Danube was a wake-up call and shock so people have been moved to honor nature. The golden flame of love in the peoples' hearts will make the forming of fifth-dimensional communities easy. Peace and contentment will reign.

Religious and terrorist activities have been devastating for Ireland, as well as the famine and the horrible treatment endured from England. There is a an ire against the English held in the consciousness of the people here but at a higher level this is making people move and travel around the world, spreading mystical consciousness and light. This was very hard but in the releasing of the situation(s), people will reconnect with the angels, unicorns, elementals and Celtic magic. There is a high spiritual light of the Irish that is a welcoming energy acting as a beacon to the world.

[photo: Jay Lee]

Beauty held in the soul of Italy raised the frequency of this country's creations, as seen in the energy of the Cherubs (fragments of the Cherubim). The Renaissance helped hold modern Italy in the light. At this time, as the frequency of Earth goes up, the extent of the corruption here will be revealed. When this happens leaders of strength and honour will lead. Power organizations like the Mafia will disappear as their vibration will be too low to attract supporters. If the Roman Catholic Church remains intransigent and rigid, it will implode and the Vatican will collapse. If it opens up to higher spirituality, it will blossom. Either way eventually true spirituality and the true glory of Christ's message will emerge here.

The grey aura of Latvia is lightening with the cosmic portals opening in the North Pole, York and Omsk, influencing the land to bring about change. People will find confidence and courage, making this place shiny.

Lots of energy from the past had been affecting Poland as people had continued to focus on the darkness which energizes it. Much of the horror of Auschwitz has now been cleared (as of 2015) and more people are feeling abundance and joy. Many countries owe Poland support as they did not protect the country when the should have. The Stellar Gateway is directly affecting this place with Christ light and the number 33 helping to raise the vibration to that of the fifth dimension.

The people of Portugal have demanded change due to the moral corruption of leaders (especially from the 15th and 16th centuries) and the energy is now transforming. There is healing energy coming there from Fatima. By 2032 this place will be full of love, healing and abundance.

[photo: Ricardo Resende]

Landlocked Romania has maintained dignity as the people are proud of their heritage and the energy remains high in the snow-covered mountains. Angelic intervention is at hand where the old pain shall be cleared. The melting snow will create ecological changes however people will attract abundance and more self-esteem, with new purpose.

The energy in Slovenia is warm, welcoming and homely, but people have held in their collective a fear of not being good enough. Source has used grace to cancel this negative karma and wise old souls are reincarnating here with peace in their hearts. This bring hope and an inner beauty that is bright.

Spain has many mixed energies and we will see lots of changes here (it began in 2017). There has been some denial by the priesthood about the riches purloined (stolen) from the Aztec and Incas. Pain from the Inquisition is still held in this land. Pilgrims, however, traveling the Camino de Santiago have created a powerful ley line of light through this country. The cosmic portal in Andorra is now open and there is dragon energy flowing through. Fifth-dimensional communities will form in the mountains.

The two things holding Switzerland back are the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva (the world's largest and highest energy particle accelerator, whose construction has cracked the Earth's crust) and the karma accrued from the Swiss banking system (allowing greedy and dishonest people to hide ill-gotten gains). Stolen wealth through slavery is dark energy which will be cleansed by the elements. Unexpected earthquakes and flooding will cleanse this negativity unless the Swiss people purify this. Also, this applies to Liechtenstein and other places protecting dark energies. In the mountains the energy is pure and fifth-dimensional. The angel sounds lift the mountain range. Understanding of spiritual laws and integrity has been needed here.

Ottoman Empire guilt has been held in Turkey, so the big earthquake in 2011 was cleansing this. On a soul level people affected were asked to work on this. The feeling of guilt resulted in a nation not being respected in the world. Now that this is over, this country is attracting abundance. Light and ancient wisdom is being released from the mountains and more people are working harmoniously. Women will claim their power there spiritually, politically and economically. The cosmic portal opening in Mesopotamia will affect the Middle East profoundly as the people have had a desire for freedom.

The Olympic Games in 2012 brought a huge burst of light to the United Kingdom preparing London for New Age energy. The Earth Star chakra has begun to open here, opening fifth-dimensional chakras world-wide. Spiritual information from Sirius has come in and children incarnating from Sirius have been programmed with knowledge of spiritual technology and will be attracted to London. The Archangel of Music is making a lot of centres for sound in this area, and

[photo: Hugo Sousa]

the purifying music produced by the people will spread. Close to Glastonbury is Avebury which used to be a main port for spacecraft from other universes. The surrounding areas will fulfil their ancient role again. There is energy coming in from Venus, Andromeda and Mars. In Yorkshire, a portal is bringing in creativity, warmth and sensitivity. The energy of spiritual understanding is affected those nearby quite dramatically. Stonehenge is one of four two-way interdimensional portals and started opening in 2012. It should be fully awakened by 2032. It is seventh-dimensional and helps us to see through the eyes of love and oneness consciousness. The portal is concerned with time and matter. People are asked to send light to the U.K. as the karma earned from the British Empire is great. The decision-makers were too left-brained and masculine-oriented. On a soul level this country has opened itself to mass immigration that resulted in confusion, feeling overwhelmed as there have been political misjudgements. The U.K. has learned a lot about leadership and is finding it's purpose once again, that is had lost. Low-lying areas may flood, but this opens peoples' hearts to compassion. Mass movements will take place to higher ground. The mountains are purest in Scotland, where light comes in through the Stellar Gateway. By 2032 the golden strength, compassion and wisdom will all prevail as the true heart energy returns.


Denmark will easily anchor in fifth-dimensional communities as light came through in 2012, clearing the sadness of the German occupasion. An old way of feeling will transform into trusting again.

Finland has little clearing to do as much of it is covered in snow. Many old souls have incarnated here and the cosmic energy from the North Pole bring a special energy that will bring about Golden Cities, a higher pathway.

[photo: Thomas Lipke]

Norwegians have soul qualities of exploration and adventure, making their country a unique one. This place holds a high energy with energy flowing from the Stellar Gateway chakra.

Sweden has a groundedness to Earth which allows the people to make peaceful decisions. Their expansionist karma has long been dissolved and the weather has done a lot of cleansing. Evolved souls are in this place and they will create futuristic cities in 2032.


The fear and darkness of the wars and persecutions is held deep in the land and will be cleansed with nature unless enough people send in light. People will need to change their outlook to one of being happy. Women will start to value and respect themselves more. The light will inevitably win over the uprisings and leaders governed by illusion. Calling on the fire dragons will burn away the illusions. Then calling on the angels will raise the frequency. People were tuning into the [ancient wisdom] which is why they feel the desire for freedom at a soul level and are "prepared to die for it." This has caused initial confusion but dogma will be replaced by higher understanding. Long before 2032 these areas will be at peace and people will wonder at the turmoil and fighting that was needed to achieve it. People are asked to send bubbles of love to places where there is excess, greed and materialism. Some leaders been held in pyramids on the inner planes where they can do no more harm. The planet will react against the exploitation of oil and people will face challenges with self-worth and confidence. There are animals, though, in these places that will start to communicate telepathically with the people. There will be respect between men and women, with an understanding of spiritual law.

[photo: Ryan Miglinczy]

In Bahrain there is a desire for change. In Dubai, there is a transition happening but it is difficult. In Iran, the impact of Atlantis is felt. Archangels Uriel and Butyalil are working there. In Iraq, people are cooperating and being empowered. This place will go to a higher level in the Golden Age. In Israel, there will be more humility as other countries of business solve their own problems. They will be at peace by 2032. In Libya, there is a rising light and every individual is affecting the outcome of the shifts in power. Syria had a forecast that fighting would continue since 2014 and it has. Governments everywhere have been disinclined to interfere and will find reasons not to. People have been consumed by fear feeling isolated and unloved. These people need to feel loved and supported by the world. If we could light them candles and send bubbles of love that would strengthen their hearts and connect them to Venus. In Saudi Arabia there will be reactions to the money situation and people will find value in new things.


"Asia is in the charge of the angel of wisdom, Archangel Jophiel. It is a warm-hearted place, where joy and love prevails despite the challenges. There are deep connections within the communities situated there. Its people are positively affected by an ancient red-orange energy that runs deep within the ground of this continent and the areas surrounding it. It was brought from Venus thousands of years ago by beings that incarnated in Asia, and it [was released] in 2012.

This energy [ensures] that everyone stays grounded and balanced as the higher force and new light comes in and also that people remember what is truly important, so that they get their priorities right. In addition, it spreads happiness, vitality and a sense of freedom. This ancient red-orange energy is controlled by the portal of Hollow Earth."

Afghanistan holds much third-eye energy as it contains high quality lapiz lazuli. This brings about enlightenment. This chakra is linked to the higher healing of Andromeda and wisdom of Orion.

[photo: Annie Spratt]

The world will need to assist India [with energy systems] to help the economy. The Soul Star chakra (resonating with number 11) is linked to Agra (where the Taj Mahal was built), which connects to Alcyon, the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster which radiates healing. The cosmic chakras opening are at the mouth of the Ganges and at Varanasi. Divine light comes through which is mainly purple. The people are ready for guidance and so children with psychic sensitivies are opening up, impacting everyone in a positive way. Change may be slow but there will be peace within 20 years and people will glow with light. Many souls from Sirius have incarnated there who will become traveling teachers. The North may have some cleansing that holds a beautiful pink energy. Angels will help promote community spirit and love in places that were hungry and needed much soul energy.

There was severe flooding in Pakistan in 2010 but Diana's guide Kumeka explained that the soul energy of these places was aware of the start of a New Age. Some of the dreadful events were an early beginning. The tremendous responsibilities that souls have taken upon themselves have triggered us all to open our hearts with compassion so that we can all link with the cosmic heart. Most people are gentle and caring but have been held back from strict cultural mores (customs) which to many are extreme. Leaders who are confused amongst themselves need clarity. The high energy in the Himalayas will assist this country as well as the impact of India bringing in high soul energy.

It is forecast that Tibet will be independent from China by 2022. People of China are no longer wanting to keep a hold of Tibet. Tibetans will be ready to spread this light out to the planet, they won't just hold it for themselves. Tibet holds the planetary causal chakra, linking to an aspect of Sirius called "Lakumay" which downloads us sacred geometry and the higher mind. People will gain lots of courage, wisdom and loving self-acceptance through forgiveness and spiritual practice after cleansing the land of the tyranny.

[photo: Sayan Nath]



The soul of China knows there are huge changes ahead. Some of the earthquakes have been wake-up calls (e.g. 2008). This country is in a strong position. People power will ensure that citizens receive a fair share of the country's wealth. Chinese people are very spiritual and in the future will see the West as spiritual.

The Gobi Desert has fifth-dimensional energy which will bring the world bliss, wisdom and healing. The Pleiadian energy coming through will help with everyone's heart chakras.

Along the mountains on the Silk Road there is golden light as the energy is opening there. Second, there is a cosmic portal in Wuham which has begun opening in 2013. Third, in Ansi a wisdom portal has opened in 2012. People will visit this place astrally.

There are many sacred sites that have yet to be activated. A large percent of the Chinese people will begin to see spirits and angels, leading them to ask questions. It will be difficult for skeptics to deny this when spirits begin to communicate with the people. This will open the right brain, teaching the individual connection to Source.

The feminine energy is felt here and people will be more loving to animals. People will feel safe. There will be more freedom for the masses and more respect and honoring of girls.

[photo: Galen Crout]


The cleansing in 2011 happened when the oversoul of Japan felt the acceleration of the light and the ascension of the planet. The souls wanted to share their spiritual connection with dragon elementals and the divine feminine influence, as they are now offering this to the world.

The devastating events in recent years has called us to work with nature to pour light into the oceans. The tragedies brought forward qualities such as discipline, calmness, stoicism, co-operation, caring, patience and endurance (which the world has admired). The ability of the people to receive has changed the nation and priorities. The humility needed to ask for help will propel Japan into ascension. Japan will be ready to help itself in the future.

"We have long been told that humans do not have a high-enough consciousness to handle nuclear power stations, so some disasters are inevitable. This present tragedy was calling on everyone to look at this form of power and re-evaluate. It is time to focus on natural forms of power. [...] Dragons are fourth-dimensional elementals that can help us tremendously if we are open to them. As changes take place in their world, the people in Japan will reconnect with the dragon elementals once more, and they will bring strength, protection and companionship to support communities as outmoded structures break down. This will help them to rise above their problems and open up to higher spiritual dimension." [p.126-127]


-Angkor Wat, Cambodia

-Uluru, Australia

-Manila, Philippines


Archangel Uriel looks over the solar plexus energy of the world that comes through Africa. During the African Golden Age, seven-dimensional beings connected with the land, living with an understanding of nature and the elements. All of this ancient wisdom is set to resurface in the transition years to 2032. In Lemuria, etheric beings like fairies and angels were positive and influenced the planet for the good. The Lemurian healing energy is waiting to return to transmute the pain held in the land. Many of those Lemurians are back in physical bodies now and are being prepared to practice worldwide Lemurian healing. It is time to program the Lemurian healing crystals to purify the dark crystals. Lemurian healing crystals need to also be taken to Egypt so that a new grid of light can get Africa to her true place in the world. This will result in maturity and wisdom of the people, bringing them towards enlightenment and ascension. This will bring about healing and end the AIDS epidemic.

African people have huge, generous hearts and will forgive the many iniquities perpetuated over the centuries including that of slavery. They will understand how anger holds us and the world back. They will demonstrate the power of forgiveness to the world.

Africa will blossom into a land of peace and plenty. There is a great portal at Zimbabwe. There is also one at Table Mountain. A cosmic portal in Mali has been opening, connecting to the Dogon wisdom. The Sphinx (Horemakhet) also holds a second cosmic portal. Beautiful, gentle energy pours through this place and masters communicate with those who can hear them through these portals. South Africa will open the solar plexus energy and reconnect with Mercury, the planet of communication. This country will be instrumental in spreading golden truth.

[photo: Simon Matzinger]


This country was fully Lemurian, holding some of the Lemurian witchcraft which had dark energy so the light of the crystals sends out a mixed energy. Algeria has been much invaded and earthquakes have been clearing this.


Angola was colonized by predatory nations. The forecast is a slow transition. Wise ones lived here and the land still holds ancient wisdom. People will find their self-worth and purpose again before 2032.


Archangel Gabriel placed diamonds in the land. The energy has kept people here more gentle than in other nations. The angels are helping with the second chakra problems here bringing people into balance to heal their bodies. Many golden communities will be established here being an example for Africa.


Much of the old karma here has been washed away by the tropical rain and greenery of the natural environment. The economic challenges will begin to resolve as the world moves into Oneness. The agricultural nature will offer Cameroon an easy transition for the people to understand the land.


The people here have big hearts and are ready to embrace change. When light floods into Africa, the energized grids have Chad right in the center. There will be challenging times but people will listen to the Wise Ones when this country wakes up. By 2040 this place will be self-sufficient and natural pride restored.


In ancient times, many beings from Sirius came and left their technology here. People embrace foreigners here even sharing what little they've had. It takes a special consciousness to do this. These huge-hearted people will emerge like Phoenix and demonstrate to the world what unconditional love is.


The people of Egypt had lost their connection with self and consequently with their soul energy. They had been consumed by fear. The shadow of fear came in from the army, government, drug gangs and people have not known where to turn. To address this they require visions of hope, abundance and empowerment but most of all freedom. Those who read this are asked to send Angels of Freedom, the Principalities who are high frequency, to Egypt.

The energy of the great constructs of Egypt has been on Earth for a very long time. The high priest Ra, from Atlantis, brought this energy to Egypt. There is a strong connection to Mars, here, which protects and holds the Akashic Record knowledge at a fifth dimensional level. The energy will be released once fear is removed. (It has already become a more peaceful place since these forecasts.*) Archangel Metatron has a retreat at Luxor, holding the ascension energy for the planet, drawing great light into the country. Luxor is the planetary throat chakra, connected to the Milky Way. This chakra is now fully opened. At the fall of Atlantis, Ra led his tribe to Egypt, so they form the basis of the Egyptian culture. Ra's tribe brought with them pyramid design, which are cosmic computers, helping Earth to align with the stars. The Great Pyramid is a fifth-dimensional portal that cannot be diminished and is not affected by fear energy in Egypt. Crystal healing grids are being laid out throughout Africa to generate healing.


This is a mountainous country where the light is still bright. The storms have been cleansing conflict between the darkness of slavery and the ancient wisdom. The big hearts of the people will enable a golden city to arise after 2032.


Lack of resources here made Gambia dependent on aid, but this country will be spiritually affected by two factors: proximity to Mali and the beauty of its coastline. If the people raise their frequency and start to honour women, they will raise light and their finances will flourish.


The coastal countries were kept pure in ancient times by their connection with the water and the innocence of their fishing activities. The treatment of people and animals has left karma in the land, however the blessing of the water will help raise the frequency to that of peace. Prosperity will gradually flourish and this country will be ready for ascension by 2032.


After 2012 the energies of self-worth and fortune have started to come back where higher love of the sacral chakra entered. By 2027 this country will be self-sufficient and by 2032 AIDS will have disappeared.

[photo: Benny Jackson]


At the fall of Atlantis the Dogons left Ra's tribe and moved here to northwestern Africa, bringing the wisdom of Sirius with them. This wisdom is about sacred geometry and spiritual technology, it is about consciousness from other star systems. As the cosmic portal opens in this before fully-Lemurian land, people will feel safe to share this wisdom with others. Mali was once a center for gold and salt trade based in Timbuktu. The karma of this period has been balanced. The portal opening brought light that affected the newborn children after 2012. This ensures a clean pure memory of the light and wisdom. This country will shine.

Mauritania and Senegal

These countries were fully Lemurian. As with much of Africa they have been exploited and colonized. Both were centers of the slave trade earning huge karma and filling the earth with sadness. There is great poverty if the offshore oil gets exploited. When the portal of Mali opens, higher light will restore the true purpose of the people in these countries so that they can find hope again.

Morocco and Tunisia

Phoenicians, in the early times, were merchants and traders, not warlords, so there was no particular karma from this period. Morocco was partly Lemurian, and so much light was put to Earth at that time. These place, though, have a strong history of being invaded by those who wanted their strategic positions, so the history is that of disempowerment and bloodshet. 2010 marked a shift when Tunisians rose up in protest, demanding economic fairness and more light. This rising consciousness affected other countries seeking freedom. The empowerment of women will bring about a higher spirituality and these areas will flourish, bringing about peace by 2032.


Some of the slave trade energy was washed away in 2000 by floods. This noble land will reclaim its power as light rises throughout Africa.


Namibia is rich in minerals and diamonds, connecting it with Archangel Gabriel. Some of the ocean energy has cleansed the horrors of the past but much pain has remained. When the rising consciousness comes here, joy and happiness will be released.


In the Golden Age of Africa this was a green and abundant land. This inner wisdom remains with the people who were knowledgeable about earth. The more light that is sent here the faster the transition will be.


This is a complex country with the world's fifth-largest oil production and vast population. Originally it was a place of wonderful creativity and abundance. Fear that this would be taken away from the people resulted in violence, witchcraft, poverty and corruption. The waters of River Niger and the Gulf of Guinea will start to purify areas around the coast as people regain their self-worth. They will automatically be treated with respect, thus attracting abundance. Then this country will work together as one unit, forming a golden city.

South Africa

South Africa is dissolving the fear of the world. It transmutes it into golden wisdom. It has not been shiny because of the negative energy pouring in. The World Cup in 2010 hugely helped as the excitement and light was focused on football. The note of the solar plexus energy here is B. The note of Africa is B. The note of Earth is B. The note of the vuvuzela that was heard incessantly worldwisde during the World Cup is B.


The complex history of invasion of this country resulted in negative energy on the land. In 2001 massive floods cleansed some of the karma. It did focus world attention bringing help here. Many will support Sudan, as it takes its rightful place once again in Africa.


Tanzania is blessed by many beautiful coastlines and lakes, which helped clear the land. The ley lines were upset by the energy of the slave trade. Zanzibar is a particularly dark spot. However, diamonds, gold and silver in the earth have helped light up the land. Mount Kilimanjaro and other highlands held the light. This country has avoided the internal strife prevalent and will be ready to open up spiritually. It will be prepared for 2032.


After two decades of civil war this country is at last settling, although the land has been filled with pain. This once beautiful area has been severely deforested, reflecting in the feelings of the people. Reforestation is now at hand. By 2032 this will be abundant again.

[photo: Nicole Olewagen]


This is one of the most beautiful places in the world with the Victoria Falls, keeping the land cleansed and pure. Many of the world's big animals have gathered here and nature reserves have helped raise the energy of the country. In ancient times, people knew how to use copper and other minerals for the highest good. The copper connected this country directly with the sun, influencing the naval chakra, the spiritual center of welcoming and togetherness that makes inhabitants feel welcome, like they belong. The Zambians still have a link to this, but the link will be re-established. A golden line moves through here.


This was known as the Garden of Eden. Rich in minerals it attracted traders for hundreds of years. The old anger of disempowerment was a result of many cruel leaders. Eventually, this anger will pass as Zimbabwe contains a two-way portal radiating nobility, courage and strength. When it opens, people will forgive even if afraid. They will attract much abundance by 2032.


The unrest that has spread is because the people power is increasing. Physical changes in the earth happen but this continent has many wonderful energies and magic. It will offer creativity and more to the world. Sounds and overtones of the mountains affect the whole planet. South America holds many answers for the world's economy and will inspire by adopting and finding solutions. This continent will wake the world up. They will find natural ways of creating enough money to survive. The media will show a happy South America, that makes changes. At the end of Atlantis, the kundalini energy was taken to the Himalayas. It was masculine energy. This energy moved to South America where it is transformed into a feminine energy. Lake Atatlan in Guatemala is overseeing this energy. This kundalini of the planet rose and was released in 2012. Since then South America has blossomed.


Although Brazil was affected by forests, mining and corruption, the cosmic love from Venus deep in the Earth is ready to rise. This will raise the consciousness of the people, who realize the important of the trees. They will care for their land as there is a long healing tradition here.


There is a lot of cosmic heart energy here and Christ light emerged on 10-10-10. The number 33 is significant as it contains the energy of unconditional love. Souls here have huge opportunities for spiritual growth.


Not only has the kundalini of the planet moved here but the cosmic heart is opening here, now, connected to Venus, the heart chakra of the universe.


There is a cosmic portal here at the Mayan settlement which opened before 2012. The energy here is warming and is melting away pollution, influencing us to live spiritually and gives people a sense of home.


The people have felt unworthy and guilty in Mexico because of the collective consciousness held within the land. This is why the United States has been resisting so strongly. Currently this is cleaning out. There is much wisdom in the land also. Local portals are awakening more affecting people with ancient knowledge-in-action. Additionally, when the portals of Sedona, Arizona and Hawai'i open more fully, this will profoundly affect the consciousness of Mexicans and their neighbors. By 2032 this will be a glorious place to be.

[photo: Sandro Ayalo]


According to Diana, the planetary crown chakra is in Machu Picchu, which is looked after by Archangel Jophiel, angel of wisdom. It is linked to Saturn and the Moon. Saturn is the star of order and spiritual disciple, while the moon radiates the divine feminine. It also links to Uranus and its higher aspect Curonay. Mightly light beings gather at this portal. Peru is carrying the Christ light and connects with Inca wisdom. Thoth (Tehuti), the High Priest from Atlantis brought wisdom here. In 2012 the portal started to open, helping us live at our fullest potentials. It can be challenging to stay grounded here, but the Earth works in perfect harmony with the portal. Lightworkers have done lots of good work here making it clearer. Lima had dark energy that needed to be cleansed. The trees keep the energy high where elementals send out telepathic messages of support to the tree network. Commander Ashtar uses the portal at Machu Picchu to access Earth with his spaceships in order to help and protect us. Angels of communication come here, bringing crop circles holding symbols to wake us up. This will be a country of light and compassion. The crystal skull helps us with the information that was programmed into it during Atlantis.


There are six cosmic portals which opened between 2012 and 2014. The first one is in Mongolia, that holds a special energy for animals, helping them wherever they are to feel happy, secure and loved. Those who connect with the portal will be able to communicate with, understand and help the animals. This brings the planet to a whole new level, as peoples' heart chakras are becoming fully opened. Angels will work with scientists and farmers here to see the world fifth-dimensionally.

The second portal at Omsk, in the Ural mountains, opened in 2012. It carries special black and orange energy, breaking down barriers which makes some feel exposed. Huge amounts of love, kindness and generosity pour from here helping us to better work with our guardian angels.

The third portal in Siberia is used by beings from other planets. Here we can move interdimensionally. Linking with the energy helps us in dreamtime. It also helps us with viewing the past and future, visiting the Spirit World and understanding the now moment. You'll receive protection connecting with this portal that opened in 2012.

[photo: Sergey Pesterev]

The fourth portal at Agata, Northern Russia, opened in 2014. It teaches family structure and discipline, returning to roots, working as a team, seeing the big picture, to love and accept neighbors.

The fifth portal at Opala on Kamchatka Island opened in 2014. This portal is for laughter, community spirit and reality. It grounds us to be who we truly are with an understanding of our soul journey.

The sixth portal at Gora Chen in the Kerkeyansk Range began opening in 2010. It holds seventh-dimensional angelic light, making sure we meet our fate and deal with it. It can be a challenge to be here if you have a low vibration. Visit Opala first.

People in these countries will open up psychically to see things in a different way, with more acceptance of the West. Smaller communities will live in harmony. We can send prayers to politicians to bring the light back. The new energy will make people laugh again and form fifth-dimensional communities by 2032.



Uluru is a massive cosmic portal of Aboriginal wisdom that has been opening. It helps people feel and see truth while undertanding the love of nature/the land. This will become the main welcome portal for spaceships and other beings to this universe, bringing huge benefits to this part of the planet. Many star children from other planets or universes who understand the importance of intergalactic travel and communication will incarnate here. Cooper was told that parts of the country would become uninhabitable. As the frequency of the world goes up, some secrets about weather control will be revealed and "discovered" by scientists. When people learn how to bring forward the element of water, there will be a massive drive to reforestation so that after 2027 the country will be completely changed. The positive energy accumulated by the Native people here means there is less karma to clear. Thanks to the climate people have been very focused on sports and outdoor life. Cleansing mainly happens where there is accumulated greed of money and power. Australians will bring forth technology provided by the extraterrestrials. Things will be done by distance telepathy and advance computer knowledge we currently do not have. When the portals of Uluru and Hawai'i open, Australia will be affected, making the people gentler and in touch with Earth, wanting to heal it.

[photo: David Clode]


The energy here is pristine. People will start to co-operate for the highest good. The area as an earthquake zone reminds us to be careful where we live and build. Shakes remind people that they are vulnerable. However, some souls drawn to "live on the edge" continue as this has happened since the beginning of time. The land of ancient Lemuria within the ring of fire is rising again and that will impact New Zealand. It may feel challenging but this country will have a relatively easy passage. The areas away from the fault lines will be safe. The people who moved here after Atlantis were the Maori, who held mysical, shamanic and farming knowledge. This energy has returned now after 2012, making people more psychic. Commander Ashtar enters here as there is an entry portal for spaceships. People will welcome the presence of extraterrestrials bringing assistance from other planets. New Zealand will prosper and be an example for the world.


This place holds the naval chakra energy and is opening to bring trust and friendship to the world. Harmony will spread. A huge cosmic portal opened in 2012 that is filled with Maori wisdom. Lost memories will return and people will feel inspiration, remembering old bonds between friends and family.


Sacral chakra energy is held here. Archangel Gabriel is bringing through the fifth-dimensional pale pink energy of higher sexuality. The light spreading here will help people worldwide raise their frequency from lust and neediness to love and caring with self-worth. As the feelings and understanding of pure sexuality radiates from here across the globe, sexually transmitted diseases will start to wane and disappear totally by 2032. A knowing of transcendent sexuality will return.


Since the islands are near the navel chakra energy of the planet, they express sensuality, warmth and welcome. Both fifth-dimensional chakras in the Pacific started to open in 2012. Incredible wisdom of our ancient civilizations, portals, kingdoms and the golden ages will be spread through here. The cosmic portal opened in 2012 radiating pure love. The cosmic portal of Mu, also situated in the Pacific Ocean, started opening in 2012, reawakening the latent wisdom of Mu, which was the Golden Age prior to Atlantis and Lemuria. This energy helps us to accept ourselves and reach inner peace, to permanently leave the outdated energies behind. When people allow themselves to be who they truly are, they evolve. The portal is full of healing energy that will help to settle the weather in the area.


The Stellar Gateway is in the pure, snow-covered Arctic, which has been prepared for centuries to hold this high frequency. This is linked to an energy cluster in the Pleiades, which connects to a wormhole that accesses Source. The cosmic portal at the North Pole is opening more now. The highest and purest light is pouring in here now and is very expansive, affecting the whole world. All types of energies merge here harmoniously, dissolving lower, harmful vibrations. The Alaskan cosmic portal connects to Inuit wisdom. It helps materialize the words of the angels, having a cleansing energy as elementals work with it's light. Because Alaska is high in frequency, people will migrate here as it becomes more habitable to bring forth the blueprint for the fifth-dimensional world.

The Antarctic is totally pure. It's energy helps the animals of the world adapt easily to change. The cosmic portal is looked over by Archangel Sandalphon. It is connected to space and other portals outside of our solar system. Earth benefits from the other planetary energy coming through this portal, bringing us more enlightenment. In 2012 the South Pole portal opened and feels like it is full of life. When connecting with it, you feel your loved ones in Spirit and are filled with bliss. It is cleansing the planet.

Banff, at Lake Luoise in Canada is Archangel Michael's retreat. This gives the inhabitants strength and protection. With little karma and old souls incarnating here, the transition years will be easy. Canada will help its neighbour, America, to move into ascension. The cosmic portal here awakened in 2012 and people have been hearing its messages. Energy flowing through here will spread across the world.


The whole country is huge and is affected by differing conditions as the fifty states are linked to Alaska and Hawaii. The USA has been influenced by Barak Obama who was the 44th president. His election created a wave of excitement in 2008 throughout the world that pushed Earth onto her ascension pathway. Forty-four is the number that vibrates with the Golden Age of Atlantis, and in that Age, Obama was a priest who was trained specifically to be a bridge between races, opposing sides, states and countries for his current incarnation. He came in with the qualities to take the United States forward but opposing forces such as the gun lobby, third-dimensional dogmatic souls in the Bible Belt and the backlog of karma throughout the country have drained his resolution and power. He has felt forced to engage with lower energies. He was supposed to continue working with the angels.

Nature will clear some of the karma and resistance to change, however angelic grace will help people shift to a higher dimension.

High Priest Imhotep led his tribe to North America after the fall of Atlantis. There was peaceful intermingling and a great wisdom spread about nature and honouring of animals. Gradually, the Atlanteans lost their benign influence and the different tribes became warlike. Deep pain is left in the ground where this happened. Rage is locked into the Earth at the sites of battles, massacres and war, sadness where there was mass movement of tribes. In the slave states, many still need to understand Oneness, open their hearts or learn to forgive. The last four hundred years of accrued karma need to be cleared by 2032. The noble idea of the Bill of Rights has given Americans a sense of freedom, justice and worth. Some highly idealistic and evolved people have incarnated here to hold the flame of independence and freedom for the world. Parts of the land are exceptionally beautiful, drawing in help of the angels.

The weather varies greatly throughout the continent and cleansing will be taking place everywhere.

Many souls are attracted to incarnate or live in the US to experience power, money, control or success. However, as in Europe, fury with bankers will erupt and the majority will realize that greed and hedonism are not the best visions. The recession will make the people realize they have to live differently, working together and supporting each other in communities. The flooding of New Orleans was the forerunner to cleanse the land and demonstrate the lessons. If they are not absorbed continuing big natural disasters will draw attention to the huge divide between rich and poor. People will demand this be redressed. Social conscience will ensure the poor receive the material help they need, to regain confidence and self-worth. The soul of America has needed to realize that the oil in the Bakken oil fields and others is for the lubrication of the tectonic plates. If this gets exploited there will be consequent karma that is severe. The San Andreas fault will go unless huge amounts of light are poured into the land here.

Americans have a deeply entrenched belief that they are special, and even the chosen ones. As a result, they have withdrawn themselves from the rest of the world and become isolated. The cleansing of natural disasters will cause them to ask for help. This humility will be the consciousness catalyst that takes them higher.

There are pockets of pure angelic light that will wake up the majority of people psychically as well as spiritually. Many will be shocked when they start to see spirits and angels, dashing their firmly held beliefs. Religion will transform into spirituality on a country level. The US will eventually become a caring, open fifth-dimensional nation. Many people will move from places that are being purified to higher ground. The mountains everywhere will become popular places to live. As they move to high-frequency places, their own consciousness will automatically rise.

The six cosmic portals opening now are:

1) The cosmic portal of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, waking up the Temple of Poseidon, bringing forth the wisdom of Atlantis. This triggers ancient gifts and talents.

2) The portal of Lemuria, based in Hawaii, activating the great crystal, bringing forth a deep love of nature and desire to heal the planet.

3) Hollow Earth, a main entry point for human energy to go into the seventh-dimensional centre of our planet. This affects the ley lines. It covers Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

4) Sedona, connecting with Native American wisdom (opened 2012). People influenced by this portal will start to accept their magnificent gifts and talents. Communities will stand together and begin to understand their land, heritage, their past and place in the world. They will know how to unlock the best from the planet, so that it can replenish itself and all can work in harmony. This portal is helping to bring about Oneness. This will involve changes, but when the time is right, truth and peace will prevail.

5) The Bermuda Triangle, housing the Great Crystal of Atlantis, is used by the Intergalactic Council when needed. It goes through a rapid inter-dimensional shift. To human eyes, it seems people tragically disappear but at a soul level anyone involved agrees to this experience. They ascend to another place, ready for the next step in their evolution. The energy around this portal is thick, to protect the rest of the world from its unique and wonderful influence. Universal Angel Joules is in charge of this portal and the oceans.

6) In Alaska the portal has golden energy of unconditional love. The energy flowing through will affect the rest of the country.

Yellowstone is a huge portal for nature and animals and will be fully open and seventh-dimensional by 2032. People will understand animals are on their own journey. Domestic and wild animals will pick up its yellow energy and accelerate their ascension journey. The volcano here will not erupt during transition years. Another vast portal is the Grand Canyon that holds the energy of the Pleiades, bringing in healing for the continent and world.