The Spiritual Planes and Dimensions

Through the Lenses of Shamanism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptology, Theosophy & the New Age

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Ever since childhood, I somehow “knew” that a spiritual world existed, that there were beings walking next to us whom we couldn’t see. This awareness brought a sense of warmth and comfort, which eventually evolved into me taking mediumship classes in secret. Almost right away, I became an “advanced reader” on psychics.co.uk and later got employed on oranum.com.

While my main work is that of channeling the cosmic energy of Orion Council, I had to find out what happens after we die.

Death is a taboo subject of our generation and it’s time we know the truth.

Researching holy texts and case studies opened up the world of the astral plane, but I didn’t stop there.

In this course, you will also learn about the causal plane and Heaven realms, what a spirit guide is and some techniques for how to transition “correctly” into the next dimension. Special tip: it’s not that hard if you’re a good person.

An atheist said, "people believe in this stuff because it makes them feel better about life." Well, yes. When you have a spiritual awakening and know that materialism in the 9-to-5 rat-race isn't all there is, you ask questions.

Life is more than just the rational mind of electrical impulses jumping over synapses. Ancient practices still teach us about the spiritual and emotional minds which actually help us enjoy every little bit of material we have!

In school, they didn't teach us that life is more than left-brained science, but I have some cool news for you: science is now investigating the next dimension!

Waking up has an air investigation, a detective game more exhilarating than competition over fame or power. We can approach transitioning from 3D without losing our minds.

Humans, the creator gods and goddesses of this dimension have a strong sense of responsibility. Why? They are interested in learning their purpose because they think in the long-term. Yes, it's okay to think about death! It is a part of LIFE!

"People who worship material things usually fear death the most. Death is still taboo and religion has used the fear of it to control people." -Craig Hamilton-Parker, Parameswaran

You never need to fear death.

Study content on the Afterlife and universal planes is organized in a way that gives you a deep sense of inner peace. It investigates the overlap between the Other Side and the space we astral project to at night.

You can gently complete the modules with pictures, diagram and video over the span of one weekend.

Finally, this is essential learning material for witches, warlocks, doulas, faeries, starseeds, and healers as the old systems teaching us about fire-and-brimstone are collapsing. We are more than saints and sinners-- we are Homo Noeticus.

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Krista Raisa
Krista Raisa

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